Essay Sample: Disney's Expedition Everest

Published: 2023-08-23
Essay Sample: Disney's Expedition Everest
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The case mentioned above is an example of the utmost attention to detail used by Disney its rides. The management of the company's projects combines careful planning with the vision and readiness for the outcomes of the brand's prestige. In this case, a story of how the ride is developed and the many steps that Disney takes to ensure they capture every detail accurately. This process is a reflection of a general approach to the management of a project (, n.d.).

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1. Suppose that you were a project manager for Disney. Based on the information in this case, what critical success metrics do you think the company uses when designing a new ride; That is, how would you prioritize the needs for addressing project cost, schedule, quality, and client acceptance? What evidence supports your answer?

From the case, it is clear that Disney prioritizes client acceptance and quality. These priorities are placed before other needs of the company. With the industry that the company operates in, Disney must first ensure that all the rides used are safe and of high or sound quality. The brand is well known to customers; hence they expect nothing less from the company. In the management of a project, the issues of safety and quality are paramount. Therefore, the concerns with schedule and cost will be secondary issues to be considered later. One of how this case can be viewed is through consideration of the many trips that the Imagineers of Disney made to Nepal to collect artifacts from the local region, check out the building designs and the topography, as well as other steps to ensure accuracy (, n.d.). Making these trips came at a cost for Disney, but the tours were worth the stake.

2. Why is Disney's attention to detail in its rides unique? How does the company use the "atmosphere" discussed in the case to maximize the experience while minimizing complaints about the length of wait for the ride?

Disney has the interest to create more than just a ride (, n.d.). They want to offer their clients the best experiences. Paying attention to detail is the efforts made to maximize this effect. It includes features like how the ancillary structures are built and how grounds are prepared. All these efforts are meant to prevent the customers from being bored by the waits for the ride, which can be lengthy at times. Disney aims to become better and create an atmosphere of excellent customer experience. As a result, the customers will find Disney will attain the ride to be memorable and hence higher customer satisfaction levels.

Case Study: Rescue of Chilean Miners

The case is about the rescue of trapped miners in Chile, which is an example of the management of emergencies when overseeing a project (, n.d.). It illustrates how plans can be utilized as an essential means of finding solutions to organizational opportunities and problems. Also, it shows how project management is a practical approach to responding to disasters that are life-threatening or those that can cause enormous damage. The case provides the narrative of how the emergency was attended to with a well-laid plan, energy, creativity, and commitment that is needed for the success of any project goal.

1. What does the story of the Chilean miners' rescue suggest to you about the variety of ways that project management can be used in the modern world?

The rescue of the Chilean miners shows that the use of project management is not limited to engineering technique, organizational change, or the development of new products. It is a useful approach that can be used in making disaster relief efforts successful. Therefore, the case studied is crucial in connecting natural calamities or disasters observed in the past to the many ways in which various projects and their management can be enhanced to improve the safety and welfare of people. This can be related to the example of the project profile in Lagos, Nigeria, as observed in the chapter beginning.

2. Successful project management requires clear organization, careful planning, and good execution. How was each of these traits shown in this rescue example?

The rescue case gives excellent examples that illustrate the need for careful organization of various teams and groups in project management. It depicts the use of expertise, cohesion, and cooperation. Careful planning is also demonstrated. For example, the rescue team was guided by questions that sought to determine the best place to dig and how to keep the trapped miners alive until they were rescued (, n.d.). The actioning of the laid plans worked effectively by combining the expertise of the engineers with support given from U.S. Navy submarine rescue team and other members of the support staff (, n.d.). They collaborated and worked together smoothly to rescue all the trapped miners.

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