Opinion Essay Sample on Public Transport and Environment

Published: 2022-05-10
Opinion Essay Sample on Public Transport and Environment
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Public transport has produced increased gains in the current years because of social and economic aspects. With climate modification developing as a major social concern, people are choosing to use means of transit that reduces carbon discharge. Conferring to the American Public Transportation Association (APTA), every dollar financed in the community conveyance generates four dollars in enhanced economic productivity.

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Moreover, it is possible for people to use public transit instead of their cars, based on the declaration by APTA, which recognized that the Americans managed 11 billion trips through civic transport in 2014, generating extreme usage amount in six decades. Further, to combat climate change and to diminish the pollution associated with traffic congestion, the APTA and other transit-establishments have marketed the public transits. The community awareness movements and the social media crusades have been exercised by these organizations to extend the message to the civic. The Transportation Demand Management (TDM) engages with program expansions and labors to discover resourceful explanations to congestion, pollution, and to inspire behavior change in easing the use of single-use automobiles. The TDM policies state that shortly the community transport will not be described by how the individuals move around in urban places, but preferably by the manner the people access transport system material and employ their mounting variety of alternatives (Public Transportation, 2017).

These energy sources have produced vast benefits in the global transits, large-scale economic undertakings, and mass development. However, the consumption of the fossil fuels have a disadvantage for humankind since the utilization of this energy is responsible for emissions of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere, air pollution, and climate change. Presently, almost all modes of transits are vastly reliant on diesel-powered vehicles and gasoline, which are the leading sources of energy throughout the world. Furthermore, developing substitute energy sources for conveyance to replace fossil fuel is significant. The two assuring technologies include the electric vehicles (EVs), and the fuel cell vehicles (FCVs). These two techniques can be commercialized, and by doing this, it will decrease both the oil costs and minimize carbon dioxide discharge. In Japan, for example, the price of producing nuclear power is sustainable with that of thermal energy generation such as oil-fired power factories. Moreover, the energy source for both EVs and FCVs is electricity that can be generated for nuclear power, and the energy can be used for transportation. For instance, EVs use electricity directly to charge their batteries, and FCVs are motorized by hydrogen, which is formed using electricity, in this way, it is possible to inject nuclear power into the conveyance. The configuration can lessen the climate change; stabilize the price of oils, and at the same time save fossil fuels (Koji, 2009).

It is possible to use bikes or walk instead over short distances; it feels good when one is doing an exercise and more so it improves our health considerably. One can try walking to a friend's house, to the park, and to the supermarket when not having too much luggage. Using bikes or walking can assist in lowering the odds of hypertension, which can lead to other serious compilations. Moreover, if we consider walking or using bikes instead of driving, we will reduce carbon emission, and we will be in a better position to fight sicknesses in our bodies.

To sum up, fossil fuels are the most predominant consumed energy all over the world, but opting for alternative energy sources like nuclear power will be substantial. The experts need to exert efforts in the new energy systems for them to be competitive with gasoline-powered vehicles, to achieve sustainability.


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