Essay Example on Organizational Transformation Through Domain Architecture

Published: 2019-11-11
Essay Example on Organizational Transformation Through Domain Architecture
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A domain architecture can be described as a generic structure or a software design for business systems. Typically, it contains the fundamental layout that is supposed to satisfy the requirements of an enterprise model. The architecture; however, arises from individual projects included in the business model (Dogan, et al., 2016). The present paper will focus on how the qualities of domain architecture aid in organizational transformation.

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The structure transforms an organization in various ways. Its careful observation and analysis enable the firm to mitigate, eliminate, or fine tune the adverse effects of an architectural project. Consequently, the company focuses on those projects or factors that have positive impacts. The approach also enhances the synchronization of the business requirements and implementation of the conscious changes to the emerging technology. The enhancement improves the short and long term business performance (Gottlieb, 2004). Additionally, the layout gathers architectural facts and assets from various projects and uses the knowledge to improve the business performance. However, the acquisition of another project`s assets requires consistency in maintaining the notions and the terminologies and, hence, ensure that the same idea or a better idea is implemented in the organization.

A well-designed domain architecture increases a firms responsiveness, economies of scale, and innovativeness. More so, a flexible layout enables the organization to plan future changes, innovations, or development in the case of uncertainties (Cruz & Vasconcelos, 2015). The domain can, therefore, allow the company to experiment new technologies that may lead to improvements. It also transforms an organization by helping reduce the IT-related expenses and encourage the use of the other alternatives about knowledge repositories. In that light, firms with well-established architecture utilize the knowledge of management to apply the knowledge deposits in their business operations (Gottlieb, 2004).

In conclusion, a well-implemented domain structure is vital to the positive transformation of an organization. The structure eliminates negative impacts of a project, implements positive technology, gathers information to improve the firm, and enhances business responsiveness to future changes. All the factors play a crucial role in the organizational transformation.


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