A Reflection of Religion in Society, Free Paper Sample

Published: 2022-04-12 09:58:03
A Reflection of Religion in Society, Free Paper Sample
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Religion is an essential aspect and value of any society. There are several religions in the world with varying beliefs and faith. The Muslim, Christians, and Buddhists all have different beliefs and doctrines. Different members of a society perceive other religions differently. Some individuals will develop hatred against certain religious practices while others will ridicule the believers. The conflict in ideas about nature may also influence the stand that a society takes about certain beliefs. Some scientific research publication has convinced some members of the society to develop a different stand on the existence of God. Some individuals believe in scientific theories that try to explain the existence and changes in the universe. Other societies hold different stands, with most believing in the existence of supernatural powers as the creator and controller of the universe. I am of the idea that there is a supernatural force behind nature and the events that occur in the universe. Religion is, therefore, a significant aspect and members of any society need to belong to a certain group of faith. The paper shall, therefore, discuss several cases in the society that influence the position that individuals take in relation to religious beliefs.

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In his book, Dennett uses religion to make scientific deductions. The debate on the existence of God can resonate with the common man's response to the highly unique and attractive behavior of nature. He also states that Darwin discredits the beauty of the World which includes the mountains, seas, canyons and the plains overwhelm every individual. The fascinating nature of the universe gives humans a sense of connection with the experience of the holy. Faith in religion has a varying view of the scientific aspect. Quoting Gerard Manley, "the world is in demand of the magnificent of God," Gerard's statement seems to be true as most processes in the world occur in a unique manner that most scientific studies are unable to prove otherwise.

In the book, "inside the mind of God," there are images of the cells and genes. Such images of the human anatomy raise the question of who would imagine such ability existing in human beings. One would argue that the knowledge to study and publish human structure is the effort of the man himself. The book might depict the power and unique ability in human beings, which raises several concerns in the society. With this knowledge and results on human anatomy, there are still deadly diseases such as polio, cancer, and AIDS. If the society depicts that there is no God due to the unique achievements of mankind, there should be explanations why some diseases still lack a proper cure. For example, ebola which is a deadly ailment lacks a proper cure. Bernard Shaw, however, states that miracle creates faith. He believes that Ebola can be treated depending on the support given to the victims. The society as such, as the book depicts, trusts in miracles. Miracles associate with faith which implies the belief in religion.

Rabbi Harold in the book "why bad things happen to good people" argues how the society reacts and actions to follow in cases of a devastating situation. The passage implies that a society expects only sinners to face challenges and disasters in life. Although disasters can strike even the religious believers, it still remains that there is a supernatural being responsible for nature. Rabbi further doubts his level of contribution in helping those who suffer in the society. The desire to assist the needy is due to certain faith and belief. There is hope that in helping, God will positively reward the ones with such virtue. The quote "shall we receive Good in the hand of God" asserts that the society expects to experience good life as a reward for their services to the needy. This depicts a selfish act of an individual with faith in a certain religion. One needs to treat the miserable individuals in the society with empathy because it is ethical to do so. The members of the society need to care for one another without expecting a reward. One would wonder whether disasters only befall individuals who care less for the needy.

John Paul remarked "science can cleanse religion and make it free from mistakes of beliefs. Religion can cleanse science from false admiration". He depicts the society as composed of two categories of believers. Some individuals may believe more in scientific theories like the Charles Darwin theory and completely ignore the religious aspect of nature. Although scientists have proven through research some aspects of life, the discoveries that are insufficient to lose faith in God. The society should understand that the processes such as earthquakes can only be described but no explanation to their causes. Referring to story from the book "Inside the mind of God", she describes the evolution of man and nature. Although most individuals in society lack evidence of duration that life has existed, people need to believe that God created human beings. Several complex events in nature explain why one should have faith in religion. Begley further introduces the issue of brain development through prayers, meditation, and rituals. She questions whether God made the brain for human beings to recognize him. The explanation to changes in the brain of mankind is addressed by main religious doctrines; Christianity, Hinduism, and Buddhism. The passage is evident in support to fact that nature is under the control of God. Most inventions and discoveries are due to the changes in the Godly inspired brain. In Tickle's God Talk in America, the citizens in started to venture into religion and faith based issues. The Americans used the social media in pursuit of information on religious affairs.

There are still other prominent researchers who feel that there is supernatural being; God in charge of nature. Begley argues that some individuals may believe in physicists just because of simple answers to their questions such as" Why are we here?" Oscar Wilde justifies my stand that there is a more powerful cause for nature. Oscar acknowledges the fact that scientists can research and estimate the dimensions of the sun and the moon but argues that the same is false about the human soul. A passage in the book even quotes a verse of the bible in Psalm 8. The Bible verse questions what man is for God to be caring even despite other work of His hands. Despite the progress that man has made in scientific research and theories to explain nature, there still exists supernatural control beyond our explanation. The argument about the possibility of estimating the human soul is a factor to make the society turn to God and change their attitude towards religion.

Religion is a culture that deserves respect without discriminating the minorities in any given context. There is freedom of speech and expression as a human right in the constitutions of numerous nations. This human right should, however, not be a base to abuse other religious beliefs due to evil deeds among a majority of individuals in such regions. Muslims believe in Mohammed as their prophet. Civil war and other terrorist activities are common in the Muslim dominated regions. Should the unfortunate situation of terrorism dominance in the Muslim world be a criterion to categorize them as terrorists? This section will discuss the perception of the society of the religion. It is, however, inappropriate to conclude that the Muslim faith is spread through war.

In a Danish newspaper, the author of an article jayllands Posten published cartoons which the Islamic believers depicted to be insulting to their Muslim faith. Most Muslim countries held protests which led to deaths in some areas. The editor, although entitled to the freedom of speech and expression, failed to observe the religious aspect. The society as the magazine depicts seems to be biased against the minority; the Muslim, with over 80% of the citizens being Christians. The article was meant to demonstrate the theme of the Muslim prophets. The cartoons had different character depiction with one showing Mohammed with a bomb in his arms. The government of Denmark however, termed the publication to be legal. Although freedom of expression is essential as a human right, the government appeared to be biased in handling the issue. Freedom of worship is important too and needs to be free from criticism. Individuals are entitled to a different opinion about an issue without affecting the other party. The government defense of the journalist was a possible implication of how the Danish society views the Muslim community. A journalist to a larger extend publishes what they perceive will attract a large audience. There is a possibility that the blog represented what the society feels about Islam. Probably most People in Denmark categorize Muslims as pro-terrorists. This was an act of discrimination against the Muslim community which forms the minority group.

The author of the article in the Danish paper seems to question the truth about the Muslim religion. It is socially and religiously wrong to question any beliefs in context. For instance, the Quran recognizes Jesus as a prophet although with some disagreements. The Christians also have their own concepts they use to hold the Muslims to error. These perceptions about religions promote such public views as published in the Danish article. Although the Jewish community views Christianity differently, they share and confine the information amongst themselves. For instance, Isaac Ben Abraham of "Troki's Faith Strengthened" publication was abolished once they translated to the English version. Freedom should be embraced but should not extend to contest religious belief.

The society tends to ridicule other beliefs due to various reasons. Some individuals in the society may be hostile to other individuals with a different faith. The cartoon of prophets with bomb depicts hatred among individuals who differ in religious beliefs. These acts of ridicule against religions make the victims feel oppressed. The Cartoons are a clear indication of anti-religion and discrimination of certain religion. Religious leaders histrionically impose their perceptions on people. They should, therefore, expect disrespect regarding their views on certain doctrines. Despite the historical errors of the leaders, it is essential to declare such publications and views as illegal to discourage discrimination.

Muslims form over 5% of the population in most countries currently. This percentage is reasonable for members of another religious following to empathize with their feelings. The publisher of Jyllands Posten ought to have been careful with the link of Mohammed with terrorism. The government also demonstrated how insensitive the society is towards religious diversity and respect. One would argue that the Prime minster, instead of declaring the innocence of the author, should have proposed a discussion on the matter. A discussion would have enabled the government to evaluate various views. The consensus on religious aspects would promote respect and peaceful coexistence among the community members with different beliefs. In addition to the case of Denmark and the disrespect to religious diversity, Australian society depicts the same. The public show of the "Piss Christ" which was an artistic photograph in the national gallery of Victoria 1997 was offensive to Christians. The piece of art was more offensive due to its public display. The attitude of the society at large towards religious practices is depicted in the issue of the Danish paper. The international community also portrayed an attitude that discourages peaceful coexistence. Ethically, it is wrong to publish sensitive materials even if they are lawful. The international community reacted in a mann...

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