The Lesson Learned from the American Me, Movie Review Essay Sample

Published: 2022-09-08
The Lesson Learned from the American Me, Movie Review Essay Sample
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The primary lesson learned from the movie is the glaring immorality in the society. In the film, the principal character (Santana) lives a life that revolves around crime from his teenage-hood to the time of his death. Additionally, the social immoralities are as a result of the increased gang-hood which propagates the social, economic, and political vices. Among the identified immoralities includes racism, extreme sexual desires, gender conflicts, drug abuse, murders, homosexuality, and many more vices. It is evident that the story revolves around homegrown gangster (Chicana and Chicano) and three friends (Santana, Mundo, and J.D) whose lives revolve around immoral behaviors (The Green Sleeper 2018). Thus, the experiences of the three characters' form the basis of the lessons learned in the drama, American Me, based on a true story and written by Desmond Nakano and Floyd Mutrux and directed and produced by Edward James Olmos.

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The message of American Me

The drama intends to depict the current crimes in the society. In the drama crime, American Me, it's evident that at some point in life, one can shift his or her life from the morality to immorality and then realizes the immorality, which makes the person to be redeemed again. Thus, the claims are evident in the protagonist called Montoya Santana. He was usually living, then at some point forms a gang of 3 friends. It is evident that inmates control most of the illegal drug trafficking as in the case of the illegalities controlled by Santana while in prison.Additionally, the drama shows that most of the deaths in the society are as a result of the illegal and unlawful gangs. It is also a concern that most teenagers are susceptible to the illicit drug trafficking, ghetto shootings, and murders. Eventually, Santana quits crime which leads to an organized death by his friend J.D and Julie (The Green Sleeper 2018). Santana's departure teaches that gangsters are inhumane regardless of the close relationship. I conquer with the message of crimes portrayed in the drama. Hence, the crime scenes and storylines in the drama are an accurate reflection of the crimes that happen in our daily lives. In the current society, the following are rampant just the same way as depicted in the drama; drug abuse, rising gangsters and many other indicators of crime.

Favorite Character

In the drama crime, Montoya Santana played a vital role in the drama which makes him the beloved character. He is faced with challenges and teenage life, which results in killings and drug abuse thus landing him into more trouble and even in prison (Buchanan 2014). Most importantly is that the character is forced to live as per the chaotic environment of a gang. He learned of his mistakes, which makes him shift his life from the gangster to normal life although the move leads to his death.

Sociologist Point of View

The sociologist point of view would have seen Santana as someone who was assimilated by the weird characters in the gang society. In the beginning, Santana is seen as someone who is morally upward and with a bright future. But events turn when he sees the rape incidences and other crimes which changes his perception as far as life is a concern, thus making him an influenced character. A sociologist would use the prevalence of the Santana's mum being raped to show Santana's sudden shift in the perception of life. The incidence would make the sociologist conclude that a man is a product of his environment.


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