Essay Example on the High Cost of Low Morale

Published: 2019-05-28
Essay Example on the High Cost of Low Morale
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Bruce et al considers employees morale to be a functional serious concern for a business. The success of the business is usually determined by the human resource that plays an important functionality in any organization. Unhappy employees do not enjoy several aspects as much as they contribute to the organization, this leads to low productivity, poor employees retention, and poor customer relation. As much as other factors such as benefits, raises as well as employee recognition benefits can be used to facilitate employee morale, when there is a disease of law morale, the entire business is considered affected.

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Constant change of goals is considered the immediate cause of employee morale. When the employee goal is changed all the time, they get exhausted in their line of duty. Employees usually sacrifice a lot of energy and time to get their goals achieved not only to realize they are unassigned from such duties. They get frustrated when assigned new goal in which their progress starts from scratch. In addition, some employers assign difficult tasks to employees that may not be achieved by employees. It is worth noting that these activities lowers employee morale and can affect the functionality of the business.

According to Bruce et al, low morale leads to turnover in an otherwise established economy. As much as low economy will cater for such problems through changing the goals of the employees, most of the established companies in an economy would find it difficult to change such line of duties. The emergence of opportunities are also unpredictable and most companies may not comply with such changes. In addition, the cost accompanied turnover, rehiring and training the new employees is costly and can be significant. It is therefore worth noting for the companies to take staunch steps in ensuring that continuous monitoring of the employees is valued to maintain the productivity of the company.

However, low employee morale can be fixed to ensure that the productivity of the organization is achieved. Bruce et al mentioned that through review of managers and the leaders of the organization, the employee morale can be reduced. Most of the managers have been realized to be the major cause of law morale. They control all the employees when it comes to change of goals, controlling benefits and other motivations that are substantial to employees. When such aspects are not done as per of employees willingness, a law work morale can occur.

Weakliem, David L., and Stephen J. Frenkel. "Morale and workplace performance." Work and Occupations 33.3 (2006): 335-361.

Weakliem et al also contributed to the essence of law work morale. According to their article work and occupation. They mentioned misunderstood expectations to be the cause of low employee morale in workplaces. Confusions and lack of guidelines makes the employees work in directionless goals. They usually waste days doing activities in the wrong way with un-expectations at the end. When they realize that the task is not achieved, they tend to perform poorly and most of them experience a drop in morale due to waste of time and resource.

According to Weakliem et al, there is a correlation between employees and customers. When tasks are done to the standards by the employees, the relation becomes strong in accordance with the quality of products and services produced. Low work morale is evidenced to brake this relationship since misunderstandings of the instructions and guidelines would result to low productivity and poor services delivery. In addition, lack of customer satisfaction would mean a low sales and low income that affects the business negatively. Therefore, morale among the employees is very crucial for the success of any organization.

The solution to such problems of misunderstanding expectations depends on the level of the employee in the organization and the relationship between the employees and the employers. When new employees are hired in the business and new responsibilities are assigned to employees, the manager should make it clear that the expectation is understood by the employees before they start working towards them. In addition, an employee should understand the usefulness and different procedures of completing a job in time and the possible advantages that accompany the same. When these are done, the low employee morale is improved the success of the business can be realized.

Hacker, Carol. The High Cost of Low Morale... and what to do about it. Vol. 118. CRC Press, 1997.

Lack of open communication has also been realized to be the cause of law morale among the employees in the workplace. According to Hacker et al, creating a workplace in which there is less sharing of information between the employees and the employers is a dangerous business environment. This affects that staff morale since information towards a specific task is insufficient. It is true that several problems can arise within the staff that needs a dialog between the employees and the management, when there is no communication between these parties, the employees will be infringed of opportunities that reduces their performance in the organization. When it becomes difficult for employees to face the boss with ideas as well as problems, there is usually a risk that the entire organization encounters of missing creative ideas that may be brought by the employee.

The low employee morale brought by no open communication with the bosses have a serious effect to the business. Employees are usually the brainchild of innovations and inventions that are crucial to the organization. When these success strategies are shared with the management, they are implemented and the intended result achieved. In this case, the management misses out very substantial and creative ideas and compile problems that might have been associated with the situation. Also, the company misses the innovations that might have great impact on the success of the business.

According to Hacker et al, in order to solve the problem of no communication among the staff, the employees are encouraged to channel their ideas and concerns in one voice to the management without fear. In addition, a set of guidelines and channels that may help an employee reach the management should be established to ensure that all the good ideas and problems are handled in the correct manner. When such aspects are deployed in the organization, the morale of employees would be busted and there will be an established environment convenient for both the employees and the employers for business operation.

Allegrante, John P., and John L. Michela. "Impact of a SchoolBased Workplace Health Promotion Program on Morale of InnerCity Teachers."Journal of School Health 60.1 (1990): 25-28.

Allegrante et al declare wasted potential as a cause of low employee morale in a workplace. Talents are crucial and one becomes disadvantaged for less exposure of such talents. Low morale sometimes results from wasting time and resource in a given line of duty. Organization often hire employees for jobs in which they overqualified as well as those jobs that thwarts the line of qualifications. When such happens, the employees get frustrated of their potential hence reduce their work morale. Usually, boredom is associated in the workplace since duties that are away from interests are performed. Most of the employees will spend most of their time thinking on how to quite the company for better jobs of interest than working in the organization.

Wasted potential can have several effects to the entire functionality of the business. Low employee morale brought about by wasted potential not only results from lack of productivity and potential turnover in the organization, but also infringe the employees from exhausting their potential in different lines of interests. In addition, wasted potential lowers the production of the organization since all that is done is out of interest but rather for gaining a living.

However, wasted potential can be solved through finding a more appropriate job position for the employees. Establishing a position in the line of interest for an employee will not only boost the morale of a given employee but also increase the production of the business with a greater percentage. Therefore, it is important to note that talents are significant aspects to the success of the business.

GarciaZamor, JeanClaude. "Workplace spirituality and organizational performance." Public administration review 63.3 (2003): 355-363.

Lack of effective teamwork in an organization is a cause to low employee morale (Garcia, 355). Corporation within an organization facilitates large work output and less stress in an organization. Different employees will find it easy and less stressful when there is a hand in hand collaboration in performing duties in the business. Among the problems that usually occurs with lack of effective teamwork in the organization are absence of trust, fear of conflict, avoidance of accountability, and inattention of results.

Absence of teamwork is accompanied by several effects that leads to low morale among the employees in the workplace. In addition, absence of trusts and accountability will conceal transparency in the business. When employees work without trust from the bosses, the workflow may be interrupted leading to low productivity. Also, attitude that may be developed through teaming together work in an organization makes it impossible to optimize goals in the organization. Therefore, teamwork is crucial in the success of the business.

In order to solve the problem of lack of teaming in an organization, the management should recognize the efforts of each and every staff member and delegate duties in accordance of interests. The joined interest should also be assembled together for high productivity.

In conclusion, employee morale is an important aspect that has great impact on the performance of the business. Usually, morale brings about large output in the business that at one point or the other significantly brings about the intended total functionality of the business. Therefore, it is the role of the management to ensure that the employees enjoys all that interest them that is essential for facilitating the morale. In addition, employees should be assigned to their various duties of interest that will enable them work with gusto for the success of the enterprise.

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