Essay Example: Teachers and Teenage Suicide

Published: 2022-03-11
Essay Example: Teachers and Teenage Suicide
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Dialect behavior therapy, collaborative assessment, management of suicidality, and dialect behavior therapy are some psychological principles that educators should bear in mind when they are dealing with the issue of suicides in adolescents.

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With these the teachers should ask questions about depression and other risk factor associated with suicide during history taking. During routine evaluations, they need to ask where objects that can be used to commit suicide and discuss the risk of some of these objects as related explicitly to adolescent suicide. They need to know the risk factors associated with adolescent and serve as a resource for groups that work with youth about the issue of teenage suicide. They need to become familiar with problems that are concerned with teenage suicide. They need to advocate for health benefit packages to assure to make sure adolescents have full access mental health services that offer treatment of mental health disorders.

Organizations in Jamaica

Jamaica Hospital Medical Center and World Health Organization (Hesborn, 2017) are some organizations with students where help can be sought by adolescents, parents, and educators to deal with the issue of suicide.


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