Human Fails Essay Samples

Published: 2018-02-07 23:14:36
Human Fails Essay Samples
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Failed business

Everyone has a story to tell about his or her life and I am not an exception. Failure is part of life that most successful individuals must have one time experienced it. During my college days, I was given some money by my parents to think about anything that I could do with it and my first idea was to open a cybercafe. By that time, I was still new to the corporate world and did not have proper organizational skills. After setting up the facility, I employed two people to do the work. One was to serve as a technician and the other as cyber attendant. All I was doing was taking the money from the cybercafe without bothering to check the books of accounts or even carryout some supervision from time to time in order to know how the business was progressing. After about one year, the returns started diminishing at a very high rate. The money I received could not even be enough to pay the employees together with the rent. When I inquired about what was going on, I realized that the computers were too slow and a lot of money could not be accounted for. The reason for the computers being slow was that all of them had been tampered with. This scared away clients and I had to close down the business because it was no longer profitable. Since that day, I realized that proper management is good for any business and I was able to rectify my mistakes. I opened another cybercafe and always went there to supervise the employyes and the returns have been high that I am even planning to open another one.

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Fear of bugs

Bees are valuable in human life. They produce honey which is used in various ways starting from consumption to medicinal uses. Most people love honey especially children and adolescents. However, I do not like bees, and all my life I just try to avoid bee hives. This is not something that was born in me but I developed it after a graving experience with these insects. In my childhood, I loved going on adventures, exploring and making fun. One of the best places I used to love visiting was the woods nearby my home. One afternoon, I took a walk into the woods to buy time. As I was exploring, I noticed a huge indigenous tree with an enormous loop on its trunk. Out of curiosity, I moved closer and I realized it was just a hole or something like that. Young boys always love throwing things at anything that catches their attention, and I was not an exception. I looked around and saw a smooth stone. I picked it and threw it right inside the 'hole' on the tree. At first nothing happened but after in a moment a swam of bees descended down on me like pouring rain. Oh my God! I just knew that was the end of my life. I screamed at the top of my voice asking for help from anyone who could hear me in vain. I got stung until I passed out. I later woke up only to find myself in an hospital bed with every part of my body swollen. I actually looked like a balloon literally. My mother was just right beside me, and explained how I got saved by an old man who was in the woods too. To this day, I always fear bee hives and the insects. Wherever I go and notice something that resembles a bee hive I freeze out, and always try to avoid it by all means.

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