Free Essay with the Ad Rhetorical Review

Published: 2018-02-21
Free Essay with the Ad Rhetorical Review
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The ad represents a beautiful and straightforward image of the Audi car. The Audi advertisement utilizes the logos, pathos, and ethos to capture potential buyer for the fine product. The gray Audi car is placed on a black and cool background that makes the machine look expensive and adorable. The various quotes on the ad are mean to make the customers think of the product they are about to purchase. Men in their between the 30s and 40s with more acquisitive power are the target audience. The automobile looks like it is pure speed and adventure the ingredients are perfect for attracting men to buy the car. The surroundings where the car is parked is an elegant invitation for the potential customers to try the vehicle which is waiting to start a new adventure together.

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There is the use pathos as the ad is trying to convince men to purchase the luxurious car. The car looks fast and beautiful. The image shows the car a the source of light in it dark background and humbly waiting to be driven. Its front part appearance assumes the shape of a cheetah which is the fastest animal on earth, waiting to be rescued and exploited to its full potential. It's appearance of an expensive outlook to compel the rich people to buy and own it. All these combinations of attributes work to convince the buyer by establishing an emotional attachment.

The Audi advertisement uses ethos appeal to men because Audi has an excellent reputation as a car manufacturer like it says in the ad on the bottom: “Audi. Truth in engineering.” As men are mostly attracted to the cars, they prefer a car with an excellent motor and superb powertrain. People prefer original products from reputable sources and not doubt that Audi is such manufacturer. On top of the car where the Audi company logo is placed, there is a more light shade on that region to put an emphasis of the company that manufactures the car. This is expected to convince men to purchase the vehicle as it is not only an elegant product but also from an authentic source.

In the ad, logos have been applied as well to convince the buyers to possess one of this machine. Logos tend to speak logic to the potential customers and from the quotes above "Behind every status symbol, and a luxury badge is a good product," people are expected to make a thoughtful approach in acquiring the car. By saying good is the enemy of great, it requires people to think Audi is a great car and that anything termed to be is inferior and should be avoided. After all, it will be embarrassing to buy something good while there is an option for great. Black color always stands for sophistication, elegance, power, and formal. The shines from such a background which should click to the buyers that it's a commendable machine.

In conclusion, the car is not just good, but great and the ad uses pathos, logos, and ethos to attract buyers. The images show the car’s luxury, engineering, and brand to get men to buy the vehicle, due to its superior attributes as compared to other brands in the market. The ad is subtle but delivers a complete and valid message to the potential buyers.

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