Free Essay Sample. Online Clothing Store: Asospositioning Statement

Published: 2023-01-15
Free Essay Sample. Online Clothing Store: Asospositioning Statement
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For worldwide users who love fashion for both everyday use and occasional, Asos Online store is the go-to place. They provide clothes that you need and just as you need them. They understand that you are busy and, even though you wish to have a convenient way of shopping for your clothing, you need to ensure that they fit you, expresses who you are, remain comfortable, and leave a lasting impression on the people around you. At Asos, they ensure that you have a convenient way of shopping for the clothes you love on you. It may be classy, trendy, casual, official, toned-down, outstanding, unique, and affordable, they have it all. Asos wants customers to still have the best clothing while dealing with the hassle of employment.

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Asos has a target market that is relatively mixed. The primary market for Think Twice is the working class male and female between 28-40 years. It provides clothes on the latest trends. Also, it offers accessories, shoes, and beauty products. The company was founded more than a decade ago. Since then, it has been serving the British working class by providing a convenient way of shopping for high quality, trendy, casual or official, affordable, and unique clothes for both men and women (Phillips and Young, 2009). Through this, the company has expanded to international markets like the USA (Phillips and Young, 2009). The company plans to continue expanding to international markets by providing clothes that fit the cultural standards and needs of individual markets. The objective of the company is to keep up with the clothing needs of the working class population worldwide. The employment sector has been experiencing the emergence of new approaches, including working overtime and working more night shifts (Slade, 2016). Therefore, people find themselves using the little remaining time with family and friends. Meaning, they have little or no time to spend on shopping (Hui-Ju Wang, 2015). Being that clothing significantly contributes towards one being comfortable and confident at work and lead to high productivity, Asos ensures that one can still achieve this through their clothes and accessories.


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