Essay Example on Encouraging the Learning of Finance Professionals

Published: 2017-12-07
Essay Example on Encouraging the Learning of Finance Professionals
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In this era, professional education has become a major industry in the world. There are several providers in the market including integrated curriculum, training companies, and business schools, providing training services to finance professionals. Only in the Unites States, the annual business related to the field is around 800 million US dollars. Both standardized and customized programs of executive education are given in the market, based on the willingness of and requirement of the services from the companies and individuals involved. The audience is the same, the working business professionals, whether the training is offered and promoted by an external educational provider or the employer. Therefore, the purpose of professional education is to make the professionals familiarize with their field. Just like in other fields, the educational approach affects the learning of finance professionals.

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The culture of learning organizations is learning-centered culture, dedicated to ensuring professionals get as much information about their field as possible. On this, corporate organizations may also attempt to develop as learning centers which can impact on the professional culture in the institutions. Therefore, both corporate and educational organizations involved in the field of finance are attempting to encourage an organizational culture that enhances continued learning among finance professionals. However, even though every organization is trying to be seen as a nation that upholds a learning experience, it does not reflect in reality, and only a few make it be working.

Although all organizations are striving to encourage a culture of educational experience in the field of finance, the level of success differs mostly because of the approach that is used in the learning process. If the learning technique is effective, they the entire process will be effective, and the results amount impact that it would have in the professional practice would be remarkable as well. The impact that has been made so far cannot be ignored due to continuous development in the field, though with little setbacks. Because of this, there is the need to carry out research about the approaches that have been used in corporate finance professional education and their effectiveness in the field. By so doing, it would be possible to come up with the best educational approach that would yield the best results in the process of financial learning and its results.

Even through educational organizations and corporate organizations are focusing on the learning of finance professionals, there are both similarities and differences in the approach that the different organizations communicate and encourage the learning of finance professionals. These differences arise mostly because of the difference in the origin of the organizations and the natures of the difference organizations.

The value of learning of finance professionals is important for both the corporate world, the education future and the finance professionals. The approach that leaders use to encourage learning indicates the vision that is related to the long-term understanding of the company vision, the purpose of learning in the industrial setup, the goals of the organization and the challenges that professionals in the field might face in their daily activity. It also helps to understand if the learning of business professionals in the corporate organizations has the same goals as that of the educational organizations. A good understanding the finance education approach in this context will help to compare the practices of communication and encourage learners in both settings to point out the best practices that would promote the learning of fiancé professionals. Finally, a good understanding of this concept is critical in the identification of the best practices that can be transferred from one type of organization to another.

Scope of the Research

This research will cover the United Kingdom and Europe in general. In the European Union, professional development and executive training are subjected to European harmonization after the launch of the Copenhagen process 2002. The process is aimed at promoting and enhancing the purpose and quality of professional learning and development in the European Union.

In the United Kingdom, on the other hand, furthermore, in England has the strongest and most attractive business schools in the whole of Europe. The result is that executive education and executive learning programs are many in the region. The city of London is Europe’s major financial center, where most of the big financial organizations have their headquarters. It reflects the business ranking in Europe, and the world. Most of the financial organizations are trying to implement learning cultures, finance professionals working in the institutions are regarded as learners to maintain flexible and adaptive organizations in the financial context.

Purpose of the Study

This research aims at identifying the ways leaders communicate and encourage learning of finance professionals in a work-based context through their organizational culture. It will imply two main correlative axes of the study. The way organizational culture envisions/ portrays the learning of finance professionals organizational design and structures, events, organizational philosophy, formal statements. Secondly, the way leaders directly promote/encourage the learning of finance professionals to support that learning culture like key actions like resources allocated, dealing with critical incidents, assessments, and control.

Significance of the Study

This research will provide a link and comparison between both educational organizations are corporate organizations in the context of professional finance education and learning since there is already a lot of literature about learning cultures and leadership. Secondly, Educational organizations tend to harmonize their practices in how they communicate and encourage the learning of business professionals; the same thing is true about corporate organizations with government policy. But most policies are not dealing with both aspects of executive education simultaneously. Thirdly, the research will find some coherence where possible and better practice for both the corporate and the educational world for the learning oriented leaders in how to communicate and encourage learning of professional via their respective cultures of the organization. The findings would be useful in creating tools for a common frame of learning culture between the two organization models, with the same approach on how to communicate and encourage learning of finance professionals. At least, the findings would be useful in understanding how organizational culture of learning context influence the way of encouraging and communicate learning.

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