Essay Sample on Ptarmigan Ridges School: for the Third Grade

Published: 2023-03-14
Essay Sample on Ptarmigan Ridges School: for the Third Grade
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Ptarmigan Ridges School is found in the city of Orting and within the shadow of the summit of a mountain. The location of this school bears the name that is shared with Mount Rainier. The students in the school are at grades between 3 and 5 and the total number of people or students presented is over 450. It has a student to teacher ratio often. Ptarmigan Ridges have not been operating for a long time and has been active for only 7 years as a public school. From an ethnic perspective, the majority of the students are white which form 80% of the population followed by the Hispanic race which forms 5% of the total number of students. They are multiracial population together with the Asians as well as native Americans. The black population only forms 1% of the students in terms of ethnicity. As an all-rounder School, there are Pacific islanders as well others which results in 1% of the population. Currently, the is the prevalence of students needing free lunch or lunch offered at a reduced fee. This number forms 30% of the students.

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Throughout the time of its operations, there have been students who require special attention to pursue their education and they form about 15% of the students. The classroom observed in this case was in session under Mrs. bird who teaches third-grade students at 10 a.m. every Monday. On this particular Monday, it was the 4th of April the year 2009. The class is made up of 30 students whose majority are predominantly male students.

Upon meeting with Mrs. bird, she said that she is running her class in a similar way to a town. This means that she performs as the mayor of this town and children have jobs within the town that they have to perform before earning a wage. This was important information because Mrs. bird is showing that she has a-town character. She enters her classroom with the information for all the Citizens together with the visitors as infractions that are punishable and they carry a penalty that comes from fines that start from $10 and above. After the brief discussion with Mrs. bird. She decided to introduce me to her class. She decided to write the words " procedural methodologies in writing " using a black marker on a whiteboard. Mrs. bird then asks the class, " what do you think I have to turn on the board" four children decided to raise their hands, two boys and two girls. Mrs. bird preceded and said," wow, these are only a few hands. I would like to see at least eight hands or even 10." I was surprised at the response of the children because about 15 of them raised their hands in the air. This was one of the most interesting behaviors that I had observed through this whole process. During the answer portion of this assignment, there was an introduction to the material. The students were trying too hard to please their teacher and to make her feel gratified even though there were no rewards involved in trying to please the teacher.

Before Mrs. Bird could resolve into calling one of the students; she simplifies the question into one that was easy for them to understand,

"Hello, class; what is a procedure?"

Whitney raises her hand and she is chosen. She says. A procedure is like having to undergo surgery within the hospital where someone follows rules or ideas that had been redefined before".

Mrs. Bird then asks the students to describe.

She says, "thank you, Whitney, for such a brilliant idea. Now, would you please expand on your point?"

She poses for 2 seconds and then States," what do you think happens when an individual undergoes surgery?" what are the student's reply' "

Whitney goes on, "Excuse Me Miss Bird before surgery is performed, and the patient is put to sleep first."

Mrs. Bird then proceeds, "alright, that's right but then what happens next?"

The student continues to ask and talk about the experience that an individual undergoes through surgery, and patterns start to emerge with the students. As the students contributed to this topic, few words were Common.

These words include; then, a lot, and after. Later on, a child decides to shares the story about putting various parts of a bicycle together to go to Christmas from the instruction of MS Word, Mr. Bird eventually asks this class to share the story and how they used to the directions. However, the students become hesitant to raise their hands. One child then decides to share a story on how he managed to put different parts of a bicycle together after it was brought to him by his father for Christmas. This Confusion by the student gives various procedural methods in writing." well you are explaining these terms, I hear the words "a lot" and "then" most of the time." another student gives the whole procedure of playing a board game known as chess. The whole class decides to respond by saying" the words that you have selected are mostly used in giving directions and performing various instructions by the child.

Mrs. birds, later on, decide to ask the class to give stories when they were involved in giving directions. initially, the students become too hesitant in raising their hands. She decides to take a stock that contained various colorful popsicles and then decides to shuffle them behind the neck. These popsicle sticks all heard the names of the children that are drawn randomly. The student who gets one of the sticks gets a chance to pass in case they want. After the students started to talk about the stories and their birthdays together with others coming up with Christmas.

Mrs. Bird learns and decides to give the students an assignment where they would write letters to aliens. aliens were common knowledge for every individual in Earth, especially from the direction of the whole process. The children decide to question how to speak to the aliens and whether they spoke English together with other questions that were obvious in terms of the aliens. Mrs. Bird then decides to stop and to allow the children right in a way that was reserved for the cruise to prepare them right which types of queues they would write. The main purpose of this assignment was to allow the teacher to see how each one of them would turn and talk about the past steps and procedures that would make them be left out. One of the students realizes that he had forgotten about the inclusion of a few steps. Mrs. bird tells him that the whole class was with him with the problem and will help him to resolve it.

Some children were fined $25 because they had misbehaved while other students stayed on the task. The lesson was completed after the bell rings and all the students were dismissed so that they can go to the lunch break. This writing assignment had various facets that massively benefited their students. It allowed them to be introduced to a procedural writing process that involves collecting stories and how to use directions as well as performing. The students had the opportunity to teach others by writing direction while also learning the overall writing practice. They tested the writings by going outside and following the directions that they had written detailing the procedure of writing.

One of the most crucial things that were shown in this class was the leadership within the classroom. It was clear that children prefer seeing their teachers as an organizer they can respect and imitate so that they can learn better and accept the duties and responsibilities regularly assigned to them. The students within this class had various consequences and responsibilities of learning together within the class. The scenario in the classroom is that" the class is still treated as a town ". The students help each other in knowing various illegal issues and they also hold other students responsible for actions that they do. The jobs of earning a wage and buying items from other students also make the class create as a town feel. If an individual mess, they are fined just like it will be done in a town. Mrs. bird decided to ask her top student to explain the most appropriate behavior that is expected and the consequences of misbehaving. At this time, all the students paid attention to the student to inspire others to imitate his leadership role.

Generally, observations made in this class showed me several important issues that can be related to in the real world. Such issues are presented to the students in class through demonstrations and their performance from a town perspective. Learning is effective in case it can be taught visually and verbally so that the student has an opportunity to concentrate on different ideas and be creative in their minds. When students have to write other pieces, they will think about the demonstrations that have been done in class. Most importantly, the lessons can be passed through the students themselves and it is safe to say that teachers have patience with all the classes so that they do not do lose patience.

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