Free Essay Sample on Organization and Change Development

Published: 2019-09-24
Free Essay Sample on Organization and Change Development
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The article talks about change management and resistance to change. The paper reports that the business environment is characterized by Volatile, continuous and discontinuous changes cannot be ignored as they present either opportunities for growth and revenue or losses depending on how they are managed. Murray, (2016) argues that change management requires the management to win the hearts and minds of the people under ones span of control. The paper quotes blue ocean strategy by Chan Kim, and Renee Mauborgne giving special emphasis to the four key hurdles including cognitive, resources scarcity, motivation, and institutional politics. The paper argues that institutional politics has more impact on the change management and influences resistance to change more than the other three hurdles (Murray, 2016). The paper argues that to manage change effectively, one cannot convince everyone at once. The most effective way is to change few people called change champions who will also convince the other people. secondly, adequate resources should be allocated for managing change because motivation and additional resources is important. Finally, the author argues that that resources should be allocated to the hot spot areas that are less resource intensive but produces the largest impact and not waste resources on the resource intensive areas that produce insignificant impact.

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Change is inevitable and only the organizations that anticipate change can react proactively to change thereby influencing the impact of change to more profitable outcomes. For organizations to effectively manage change, they need to properly understand the possible sources of resistance to change (George and Jones 530). For example, they must develop strategic approach to resistance change whether the resistance is organization level, group level or individual level resistance (George and Jones 538). Each level requires specific reactions, which are based on the diagnosis that has been done to the specific organization. There can never be one solution to resistance that can be transferred from one organization to another. Secondly, the organization must be able to determine their desired future state. These are the objectives and goals. Goals must be smart (specific, measurable, attainable (George and Jones 533), relevant and time bound) goals. This means that the desired future goals must be realistic, attainable, and relevant to the organization wide goals. Change can also be understood from the point of Lewins Force-Field Theory of Change whereby driving forces are reinforced and the restraining forces eliminated or suppressed. However, because in this case change is met with resistance due to the fear of unknown, all the forces in this contents must be understood, and reviewed then strategy be created to strengthen the driving forces. After implementing the strategies, it is important to evaluate the strategy and reinforce the strategy if help the organization realize the desired outcome.


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