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The phrase that A photograph speaks a thousand words only indicates the powerful nature of images and photographs in communication. A single image or photograph can be interpreted in multiple ways, yielding many different meanings at any particular time. Thus, photographs have always been major instruments of communication and sending messages of hope and the future of humanity. Today, with almost every new model of mobile phones being develops comes with an inbuilt camera, photography has become a way of life people capture some of their crazies, happiest, and saddest moments in life with a single shot of a camera. Conversely, social media has made it easier for people to capture these moments in camera and share them with other people, ho interpret them in different ways. In as much as most people may not approach photography from a professional perspective, their photographs often communicate a lot of messages to their audiences.

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The field of photography has developed immensely over the past few years. as such, photography has a wide history that has helped transform the way the society consumes photographs. Conversely, why there have been numerous studies and research papers published concerning the importance of photography, very few of them tend to focus on the relationship between humanitarian photography and communication. That is why this book aims at filling this gap by elaborating more on the concept of humanitarian photography. Consequently, the book will cover a wide range of issues related to humanitarian photography with an objective of elaborating on each of them from a historical as well as communication and social perspective. This is set to result in a lot of new knowledge and information, which is bound to affect the wa in which people consume photographs today as well as how the understand the role of photography in communication to be.

Why Major Project not thesis?

A major project is specifically preferred for this paper because of its broad nature of elaborating on the topic. Unlike a research thesis, which only focuses on discussing the main ideas in the topic, the research project gives the researcher a broad spectrum of issues to cover within the study, which will all contribute towards understanding the topic further.

Why a book?

Similarly, a book provides the researcher with a much more broader approach of addressing the topic. This allows the researcher to cover many different views and perspectives on the main topic. A book lets the researcher elaborate on some of the major issues comprehensively, through various chapters that make it easier for one to follow through the whole topic and understand what it entails.

Subject and theme of the book

The main theme in the book revolves around the role of humanitarian photography in communicating messages that change the way in which people view and understand humanity as a whole.

Background, rationale and relevance

The camera is a vital and effective mechanism that students must attain in order to get the encouragement to vocalize their understanding on how they can enhance society through the visual images. This book will highlight the significance of the photography as well as its ability to modify the way individuals visualize the world. The books aim is to enhance photography to supporters, administrators, students and local communities. Photography is basically a universal tool that is used to communicate a message. That is why the purpose of this study is to examine and deliver the communicative power of photography as well as discuss needs for advocating photography as the viable artistic medium. The book will explore how the photography powerfully communicates in an artistic way the words that an individual cannot convey. Even though most people use photography, more advocates have to promote its significance as a communicative art form that shows humanity in a different light. In a personal way, this book will add value to career, study, and myself as I am a businesswoman, indeed CSR will always be part of my agenda. As for my studies, Im planning to complete my PhD in humanity and social work, and this book along with the research will help me more in understanding the social work research, in combining knowledge, research and practice to be an effective practitioner.

Objectives and scope

The main research question guiding this study is whether the photography can be used to promote certain ideals about humanity, which can alter how humans understand themselves. However, the study will also attempt to answer various other questions related to the main research question including;

What are the roles of humanitarian photographs in social change?

What is the impact of using humanitarian images in communication?

What are the various views, opinions, and theories expressed in existing literature about humanitarian photography?

Contribution to discipline

This topic is particularly important due to the role of photography in the culture of any community. Photography entails fun moments, which are social events that bring people together to have fun. Therefore, this topic will help address the key issues involved in the use of photographs to pass messages, communicate, and facilitate social change in the society.

Intended readers

The book targets readers who are interested in understanding photography and its impact in the society today. This includes students of art and photography as well as communication and sociology students. This syndicates the broad nature of the topic, which traverses different disciplines.

Required assistance and collaborations

Assistance and collaboration will be necessary when it comes to accessing literary materials that are currently available on the topic

Original contribution (your contribution)

My original contribution will come through conducting a thorough research, collecting data, analyzing the data and developing recommendations thereof.

Reader profile and intended readers

Most of the targeted readers are young people, aged between 18 and 35, who are form the largest portion of social media users and the generation that is on the forefront of the technological revolution involving the use of smartphones and cameras.

Duration and work schedule (Timeline)

The study is expected to last for about three months after the necessary approvals by relevant authorities.

Tentative Chapters along with brief summary of each chapter

Chapter One: Overview of the History of Humanitarian Photography

Chapter Two: Purpose of Humanitarian Photography

Chapter Three: Humanitarian Photography as Ambivalence and Evidence

Chapter Four: Semiotics of the Photography

Chapter Five: Current Perspectives of Humanitarian Photography

Chapter One: Overview of the History of Humanitarian Photography

This chapter will look at how both the past and present artists have utilized photographs in an effort to change the globe; therefore focus was placed on the range of artists that work towards social change. It will look at the works of popular social activists will be illuminated with a particular focus on the characteristics of photography that make an important medium of communication. Photography as a mechanism helps people communicates with others on the things that they find extraordinary and significant in daily life. It gives a person an opportunity to communicate the small moments that have taken place in time when specific moods or emotions are felt.

Burgin stated that most people do not give consideration to the fact that humanitarian photography is an art that communicate information which can otherwise not be expressed in any other way, even after they practice, value, enjoy and use it (2012, 54). Even though photography is used many times as a mechanism to communicate, it seems to have little advocacy resources that are appropriate for educators and artists in general; particularly those that are geared towards utilizing photography for a social change. Since the study focuses on photography advocacy, it has a variety of contemporary and historical organizations and artists that have utilized their photographic compositions in an effort to communicate powerful messages of love, justice, integrity as well as desired alteration to the world.

A photographer can communicate certain expressions like sorrow, wonder, joy or humility. The photographer has the ability to change the manner in which they personally perceive this world and enhance change in how other people see it. The book embraces social activism that is already taking place and uses this as inspiration for other people so that they can take action and express their voice and heart to the audience.

Most of the focus should be of a medium due to the fact that it is usually extensively used. Individuals of all races, ages, ethnicities and genders can take part in this medium. Moreover, photographers have utilized their images in an effort to uncover various injustices that take place in society, condemn wars as well as unveil humankinds dignity. The aspect of social change can be portrayed through the images communication because it shows the undertakings in society. The unique characteristics of photography have to be studied further in the research because it is considered as visual tool for society. As a matter of fact, a cameras purpose is to ensure that photographers view the world in a different light or from a varying vantage point. Nonetheless, social justice entails an act of learning to view things differently or from a different perspective.

Humanitarian photography is a fascinating subject because it creates an image, which connects effectively with emotions as well as communicates something better that words would ever express. Images are intriguing, inspiring and prompt critical thinking in people. Photography also has the ability to do things that words and other artistic mediums cannot hence it can be an effective tool in the current society. People should therefore learn the composition and technique that should be used to advocate photography and have positive implications on the society and particular individuals.

When humanitarian photography started being used, it was mostly because of its immediacy and the audiences had the ability view the empirical information with no social or social biases. The world had the opportunity to view social issues from a broader perspective for a first time. Therefore, these are the vital elements that can be utilized in the tandem in order to enhance society. Personally, I support social change because most resources are dependent on bettering society and social justice. People should be inspired with the introspective of photography from a global outlook.

Most people are eager to offer support for a good cause because they desire to improve the current state of the world. Humanitarian photographers usually travel around the world in an effort to campaign for justice and love and tis provides them with the opportunity to learn different environments. If one gains experience from a different culture or an alternative population that differs from their own then they start to have an idea of how enormous the world is. Forming relationships with global and local communities helps other individuals encourage each other on positive methods.

Humanitarian photography has the ability to help society because it is firstly therapeutic. It also assists a photographer to process and understand the world maybe by viewing the world differently. The images that are produced as a result of righteous intentions have the ability to emotionally and powerfully clear justice. The power of photographs has t...

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