Essay Sample - Ekphrastic Poem Response

Published: 2017-12-28
Essay Sample - Ekphrastic Poem Response
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In the ”American Gothic” by Gordon Parks, the art is taken in a shade of white and black. The tone indicates the oppression the black community is facing in the United States of America. The broom looks to be a century old. It is as old as the rocks on the mountain ranges. The broom is the only friend that the lady seems to have while working in the big house. Every day she wakes up into what we call the big house of the city. She walks everywhere with my dress like the uniform. Everyone knows her as a woman who cleans.

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There is a flag behind the woman standing in the spotted dress. The flag is displayed behind her to show the reasons for her grieving life. All her problems partly exist because of the country that is failing her. The woman had been struggling alone since her mother died. She had also lost her boyfriend who died two days before their daughter was born.

In the description, the woman wears a spotted dress and has spectacles to help improve her vision. The suit of low quality indicating the level of her living conditions/ it shows she is struggling to make ends meet even though she has a job. She also has short hair. This kind of hair style depicts her lower level of living. That sort of hairstyle is cheap hence she can afford it.

In the art, the woman looks sad. Her neck seems to be leaning on the left side. This indicates general sadness. She has two washing brushes which show that for her, she must work twice her body. It also shows the process she does while cleaning the house.

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