Nursing with Compassion - Free Essay Sample

Published: 2023-11-06
Nursing with Compassion - Free Essay Sample
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Nursing is characterized by the act of caring. Majority of nursing institutions tend to embrace jean Watson’s theory to ensure nurses are equipped with proper techniques of caring science (Watson, 2006). The aspect aids the nurses in embracing the positive flow of energy through the spirit, mind and body. If nurses adapt the technique well enough, they are in a position to ensure their patients receive the best health care service possible. The key role of all nurses is to make sure that their patients are in a stable condition to self-heal. The paper explores the quality and safety education for nurses and their potential to apply these skills to optimize their patient’s capability to heal from within.

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Healthcare Neglect

An incident that occurred due to healthcare neglect is that of Lewis Blackman. The teenager was active and joyful throughout his life. The parents narrated that Lewis was a brilliant boy until he was admitted for a minor operation, months after his fifteenth birthday. The surgery was uneventful according to his parents, and Lewis was put on heavy doses in an attempt to stabilize his condition. The medications affected his breathing, and the nurses used an oximeter to monitor his oxygen circulation. The levels were not normal, and considering that Lewis had a history of asthma, the parents felt that the health workers did not take the issue seriously (Haskell, 2014).

One Sunday morning Blackman developed a serious stomach complication when the parents inquired the nurses insisted it was just constipation due to the drugs administered. During the night of that same day, his oxygen levels dropped so low, which triggered an alarm from the oximeter. The nurse in charge turned off the oximeter hoping that Lewis would catch some sleep. It was impossible for the patient to sleep, and the next morning a technician finally arrived. Sadly, the physician could not find blood pressure. In response, the intern physician and nurses spent more than two hours scouting for a blood pressure machine. A second-year resident finally arrived with the required machine. Unfortunately, an hour later, Lewis went into cardiac arrest and passed away (Haskell, 2014). It is vital that nurses are equipped with skills and techniques to handle such cases to prevent similar occurrences in the future.

Nurses are expected to maintain a caring attitude in their demanding work that is overwhelmed by high emotional sensitivity. For these health workers to develop such skills, they must be well equipped with caring skills. The field of caring science is diverse, but there are specific attributes that structure its foundation (Watson, 2006).

Embrace and Value Others

For nurses to be well equipped to perform their duties, it is important that they can embrace and value others as they value their selves. The majority of patients look up to a nurse to make their situation better; it is essential that all nurses are able to trust themselves to inspire their patients even when the conditions are extreme. Another important virtue nurses are expected to master the ability to nurture, help and build caring relationships with their patients. Such relationships are strengthened by the willingness to forgive and ensure that the working environment is full of positive energy. Not all individuals in a health setting share the same level of integrity (Watson, 2006). Thus, it is essential that nurses develop the attribute to adapt to each need. To ensure full efficiency, nurses are equipped with problem-solving skills that enable them to make the best caring decisions. Every decision made by a nurse should work to co-create a healing environment that is adjacent to the basic human needs. Finally, some situations are often out of medical capabilities; it is vital that nurses are open to the idea of mystery since it is their duty to support the patient positively until their last possible outcome (Watson, 2006).


In conclusion, nursing is a career that requires an immeasurable level of self-sacrifice. As discussed throughout the paper, Jean Watson’s Theory of human caring addresses the process through which nurses can develop the caregiving attribute. The attribute regarded as the science of caring helps health care workers fulfil their tasks effectively. It is necessary that all nurses in the health care practice work in accordance to the structure discussed to ensure competence.


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