Personal Statement: Why do I Want to Become a Nurse?

Published: 2023-12-16
Personal Statement: Why do I Want to Become a Nurse?
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My reasons for wanting to become a nurse are many, but I will mention a few. First, it is my passion for helping those in need. Since I was young, I found myself willing to put a smile on people’s faces. Indeed, I would voluntarily do all I can to solve people’s problems. I grew up with this passion and still have it. I have volunteered to take care of sick friends, strangers that needed various help, and even fed the hungry in the street. I have never felt at ease any day that I did not solve someone's issue, no matter how small. My life has also been surrounded by loving people who encouraged me to pursue my passion of helping. Every time I can, I donate to the needy as well as visiting nursing homes.

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I found lots of joy in my practices in the previous nursing programs. In there, I took care of the helpless patients, and it was fulfilling. Also, my heart was overwhelmed by the feeling of being needed. The program's reality connected with my passion for helping people, and I felt at the right place. Taking care of the sick could be challenging; however, my desire to be at my best would help me overcome these challenges. Furthermore, I learned a few things I would improve in nursing homes when I become a registered nurse. Consequently, my desire to pursue the nursing profession grew even more.

My passion for cars is not enough if I do not have nursing skills. The university will help me meet my goals by setting a platform to nurture my passion and grow to be a career. Also, while at the university, I will learn a few things by interacting with fellow students pursuing the same course. I believe that even though the motivation to continue may come from within the self, motivation from my peers would still be paramount. That way, I will also motivate one or two students through my passion for caring for others.

I would have joined my nursing school earlier than now, but then my father became sick. His sickness brought lots of challenges, both financially and emotionally. I needed time to take care of him even though he had professional care. His situation triggered my intention to join the nursing school. I wanted to give my father better care than he received, but I was not qualified. I also felt that the professional care he was given was not enough hence wanted to make a difference. In the future, I want to give better and customized care for my family and other patients. My father's sickness caused family financial challenges, so my course had to wait. The waiting was excruciating, but worthwhile. Now that I have the chance, I will grab it and hope it will bear me fruits.

I decided to take an alternative route by doing a master's degree in health informatics. I had the idea that this path would lead me to my destiny or instead fulfill my desires. However, that did not happen. I still felt empty at heart and still needed to follow my passion. Health informatics is a great and paying career but would not be fulfilling. My passion for rendering care was absent in this career. With health informatics, I would be a great tool in the technological matter of health facilities. I still felt that it was not enough.

My heart pours out to be in the patient care area. I would be very fulfilled to take the nursing course and land my dream job. My intentions are not based on the nursing salary or the title, but the practice, which I believe is the most crucial factor. My life perspective is that one should follow their dreams, no matter how long it takes to reach them. Thus, I will push for becoming a nurse until I become one, and I hope that day will be soon.

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