Diversity in the workplace for women

Published: 2022-12-09
Diversity in the workplace for women
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Over the years, many businesses in different industries have redefined their workforce such that it entails gender diversification. Analysts support the diversification by claiming that such business tends to earn more revenue in comparison with those that only work with one gender type. However, in most of these companies, it is not uncommon to find the number of men employees being more than their female counterparts. When workers apply for a job vacancy, they hope that their application will be considered. In addition, they hope that the job description will align with their personal objectives and goals. However, numerous studies and survey reveal that the issue of gender inequality is still a devastating problem in workplaces. Women represent the largest group of the workforce that face workplace discrimination and are at the verge of unemployment. It is crucial to focus on the reasons inhibiting workplace diversification, some of the recommendations that may assist in the process, and the managerial roles in the accomplishment of these strategies.

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Research revealed that a large number of women suffer from gender pay gap and poor work diversification due to different prevailing factors. For instance, many of the women in the workplaces often take time off to attend to their children in school or at home (Orgad, 2019). On the other hand, men tend to spend little time with their children, which guarantees them ample work time and good pay. In addition, there is the presence of gender inequality both in workplaces and at home. Women are viewed as the gender construct that should remain at home and take care of the family while men attend to their regular jobs and get paid (Orgad, 2019). Therefore, it is crucial that people sensitize the importance of families engaging and assisting each other in family obligations. As such, women should be considered to work 60% more unpaid hours than men who only focus on advancing their careers (Orgad, 2019). To help reduce the gap, companies can integrate new policies among its employees.

To accomplish optimum workplace diversification, women recommend several strategies to act as the driving force. First, women demand that the potential companies introduce working arrangements that are flexible to them ("Catalyst," 2017). As mentioned above, women spend most of their time taking care of the children at home and in school. Therefore, companies should introduce working arrangements that cater to these inconveniences. In addition, companies should introduce work policies whereby both men and women enjoy equal payments based on their qualifications rather than their gender construct ("Catalyst," 2017). Women hope that the problem of Race and Gender Bias will become insignificant such that women of color are not discriminated due to their skin differences. Women want an industry whereby they can access high-ranked jobs that are only available to men. Such a strategy will assist these women to develop both financially and socially while encouraging other marginalized workers. These women can then act as sponsors and role models ("Catalyst," 2017). Moreover, women report the problem of sexual harassment to be one of the key inhibitors of diversification at work. Therefore, they wish that their organization will focus on the problem and develop strategies to prevent it.

Managers can play a significant role in the implementation of these strategies in the workplace. For instance, when providing wages to employees, managers should consider the amount of progress impacted by an employee rather than the time spent working in the office ("Catalyst," 2017). In addition, these employers should develop policies whereby employs are paid based on their qualifications rather than their gender construct. Managers should create platforms in the workplace whereby employees can share information regarding sensitive topics such as race discrimination ("Catalyst," 2017). These managers should be open-minded such that their intentions are not inclined towards one gender. The attribute will help women employees acquire hot jobs based on their qualifications. Managers should implement strict policies that inhibit colleagues from sexually harassing women with the intentions of demoralizing them. They should also nurture a culture whereby workers can report any cases of harassment to the respective employers without the fear of getting negative treatment in return ("Catalyst," 2017). Moreover, managers should create a platform whereby every employee can propose their ideas and opinions without the fear of rejection from their colleagues and superiors. Superior employees should also depict a culture whereby every person's input is valued such that both women and men can lead to development to an organization.

To conclude, women face great discrimination in the workplace due to their inconsistent working arrangements. Most women juggle between working and taking care of the children, which constrains the amount of time spent working. Research has revealed that women spend most of their time with children at home in comparison with their male counterparts. Women have proposed several strategies such as equal pay, proper work arrangements, and shunning of sexual harassment as the key drivers of diversification in workplaces. In addition, managers play key roles in the accomplishment of these strategies by promoting a conducive working environment.


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