Essay Example: Nursing-Quality Indicators

Published: 2023-08-07
Essay Example: Nursing-Quality Indicators
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In the hospital setting, many efforts have been made by the nurses in a bid to prevent adverse events. Therefore, in this paper, the quality indicators will be analyzed to how they are useful to the nurses in the profession in the prevention of severe outcomes. The indicators will be done based on the scenario of the Jewish patient as well as Mr. J., who had most of the adverse outcomes. Also, the ethical issues will be studied, which play a critical role in his care as well as how the resources will be employed to help in the scenario.

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Application of Nursing Quality indicators and patient care.

There are many things that were neglected and would have been prevented in the scenario. The application of the quality indicators would have reduced the challenges encountered in such a case. Concerning the known history of falls, such problems are very common in patients, especially in many of healthcare settings, and having the indicators, for instance, bedside sitters and the risk bands have helped a lot in the prevention of such falls. The patient in the scenario has a known history of a restrained fall. It is important to note that restraints can lead to an increase in the risk of the patient being harmed. An ethical balance is hence required in the restraining of the patients, use of some of the essential principles such as the Nonmalfience as well as beneficence are very useful. To prevent the use of restraints and also prevent pressure ulcers, which were noticed by the daughter, quality indicators should have been used. In some cases, it becomes tough when a member of the family contracts condition of ulcers since they may be wondering why they may not be seen.

Prevention of Pressure ulcers is also another quality indicator in nursing that would be used. Better assessments would prevent the situation. Such conditions are taken as a very big concern and hence are taken seriously. Due to this, the length of stay will be increased as well as the hospital reimbursement form insurance. The primary prevention has a proper pressure ulcer plan. Another critical issue that can be addressed is the diet he used, whereby many patients in the Jewish community demand Kosher food, which ought to be respected. The patient finally is the non-kosher meal, which would be prevented. It is possible that some may see as if it is not much serious yet is not even a matter of deciding because every patient is obligated to proper care, which incorporates dietary needs. Patient satisfaction is an essential part of their quality care. Therefore, nursing quality indicators are useful in providing a quality of care and also to prevent errors.

Advancing Quality care through the use of Hospital Data.

Using hospital data is important in preventing the indicators of quality in nursing. For instance pressure ulcers are national, which is related to the patient’s care. In case the data was used, and also the research gathered, it would have been possible to identify the issue and hence address it for the specific hospital. It is good to get the data of the pressure ulcers to prevent the recurrence of the situation. Reduced mortality, as well as consistency in the practice, are the main benefits of using the data for clinical guidelines. Being among the nurses, we made a vow to do no damage and their reasons for this; we have to improve and more secure consideration. In the event that we can assemble information and see why the error occurred, at that point, we can think of an arrangement to keep this from recurring. It's essential to see the information obtained as a device that can manage us to better patient consideration. Proof in relation to the quality indicators and research are apparatuses that can help us in our way to progress. On the off chance that a weight ulcer is noted, we can follow the consideration and see where it can be improved. Most of the hospitals nowadays make use of teams to help in changing patients on a specific constant schedule. With the use of the quality indicators for the prevention of the pressure ulcers, one can see what is likely to work for every hospital.

Resources that can help resolve Ethical Issues.

Some of the resources can help in the resolution of ethical issues. As a supervisor in the nursing duty, I would use the possible resources needed to deal with ethics issues; for instance, the meal which was served to the patient, i.e., the non-kosher meal. The supervisors in the nursing shift can model and also contribute to the values of shifting towards the culture of the organization, which gives support to ethical practice as well as ethical awareness in the healthcare setting. ANA code of ethics was the first resource that I would use as a leader, which is the basis of the standards of care. The resource in the ethical team within the risk department is another useful resource. They can help in speaking to the family and also giving an apology for the error caused. It is hard to take back what happened. Still, proper resources can be used in assisting in handling it in a more effective and also proper way, and hence the family will acknowledge that nurses care for their patients. It’s essential not downplaying the error or making excuses for the members who led to the error. Providing proper care as a nurse is always critical, even in ethical scenarios.


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