Paper Sample on Service Philosophy

Published: 2023-01-17
Paper Sample on Service Philosophy
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Service is the provision of processes, deeds, and performances that are produced by one entity to another entity or person. My service philosophy, in this case, is mainly to focus on my professional knowledge, especially in the field of sports primarily to benefit the community. My primary focus is to ensure that people are entertained each time they come to watch the game they love. Ensure that the money people cash out during sports events is well managed to provide entertainment that is deserved by them.

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When it comes to the screening, hiring, and training of employees, use of preliminary assessment to help remove those with a lack of the desired level of skills and competency is useful (Zeitham, Bitner, Gremler & Pandit, 2006). This helps eliminate people who are not fit to do the work as supposed. Apart from that is to ensure that one knows the background of the employee or the person he or she intends to employ well. Through this, one will be able to identify all the weaknesses and the strengths of the people working for him or her being able to fully exploit them. In the case of training, ensure the person you are training is interested and willing to work with you. This will ensure that the individual is willing to work for you and not being forced, which may lead to some losses. In case of hiring, make sure that the people you are hiring meet the profile of the employee you need so as not to result in problems of service provision as time goes on.

Examples of how efforts have resulted in better-improved service encounters

A good example is Marriott, which is the best service company in the united states and among the most admired companies. What makes this company the best is due to its commitment to its employees and customers (Parasuraman, Zeithaml & Berry, 1985, p.44). They do this by putting the needs of people at best interest making them feel the need of coming back due to the best service provision. This has made it outstanding when it comes to other firms making it a favorable choice among other choices.

Therefore, through this, we find that the best services keep on bringing more customers while retaining the initial customers. For instance, the removal of candidates who do not meet the level of skills necessary to work in a specific job helps ensure that services rendered meet the customers' gap. That means that the employees who are offered the job are excellent and competent, thus able to handle the needs of the consumer appropriately (Skalen, 2009, p.800). In the case of employee background, ensure you have the complete details both the good and evil. Marriot is a big company that is known worldwide and as a company would not wish to be associated with criminals as it may lead to negative public appearance which may end up causing loses as people do not want to be associated with criminals. Apart from that, when people are trained well, they tend to provide excellent services. To be a leading and most admired company, Marriott had to have the best of the best. This means that training had to be extended for the employees to be able to take good care for the consumers and keep them coming as well as bringing new ones.

In conclusion, from what one has learned above, service marketing needs people to comprehend what his or her consumers need and how to provide these services best way possible.


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