Project Charter Essay Sample

Published: 2019-09-26
Project Charter Essay Sample
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It documents the reasons for undertaking the project. The reason we are undertaking the project is to have a popular band in the music market, in the city of Bratislava, for their 2017 world tour. Imagine Dragons is a popular alternative rock American band.

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Outlines the objectives and the constraints faced by the project. The objectives are to produce a great show in the city of Bratislava, sold out, and with the objective for the event managers to make a profit. Constraints are if people will have the interest to come if the band will not cancel if the weather is not good

Provides solutions to the problem in hand. Solutions to problems will be provided accordingly

Identifies the main stakeholders of the project. The main stakeholders are the event managers, the band and its production, the fans, and all those involved in the production of the concert

Project Definition Statement - Similar to the project charter so that I will give more details about the concert, its location (MMC Bratislava), dates, and so on.

Work Breakdown Structure - A work breakdown structure refers to incremental hierarchical decomposition of a project into work phases, deliverables, and passes. Essentially, it is some form of a tree process that allows subdivision of efforts that is needed to achieve a certain objective into manageable sections. In creating a suitable work breakdown structure, the end objectives are identified first, theater, the resources needed to attain the objectives are evaluated then divided equitably into manageable components in terms of time, responsibility, subtasks, tasks, and size.

According to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK),] the work breakdown structure refers to a deliverable-oriented hierarchical decomposition of the total work that is to be carried out by the project team. OF EVENT MANAGERS

Uniting band players Purchasing band items Setting up a physical location for the band Sourcing for shows Fighting competition in music provisions.

Finding the players

Introducing them to each other

Educating them on the need for a band. Acquiring capital for buying

Identifying the suitable place to buy

Arranging for delivery

Actual buying Identifying the location

Leasing the premise

Renovating the premise Lining up with event organizers

Advertising Effective training sessions

Offering high-quality services

Having competitive price tags.

Network/Gantt Chart with Critical Path defined The Gannet chart will be used to show the schedule of activities of the event managers. It shows the start and finishes dates of important elects as shown below.

Schedule with Resource Allocation this refers to assigning the available resources to various distinct uses. It involves scheduling of activities in line with the resources needed to carry out those activities. The major considerations made is the availability of the resources and the project time frame. In the formation of the band, the resources will be allocated using a leveling histogram that allocates resources equitably but in a prioritized order.

Project Budget Sent the pricing to Bruno. Also, I would add the Band fee (lets say it is 10,000 euros). Everything else we can get through sponsorship of radio stations, big name brands, etc.. Even the whole thing can be sponsored. If not, we can either get a loan from the bank or say that we as an event company have the money for it (together with the sponsors)

Identified Risks with mitigation activities Risks of everything that might happen to ruin the project/event

The method of Controlling Scope Growth and Changes - Tricky, but may happen

The method of assuring Customer satisfaction - Will write about how the concert has to be good, as well as the place, and everything that involves the concert in order to everybody be aware, have enough to drink, and like the concert.


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