Compare and Contrast Essay Sample: Male Friends vs. Female Friends

Published: 2019-05-15
Compare and Contrast Essay Sample: Male Friends vs. Female Friends
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Males and females have different perceptions on friendship relationships. Friendship is one of the motivating factors in human life. As any other important thing, friendship must be taken very seriously, (Robert Brain, 1976: 264). People find various benefits from friendship such as; emotional comforts help and also people can share ideas or experiences. This paper will examine the difference between female and male friendships. Therefore, friendships should not be taken for granted. However, female friendships have several differences as compared to their counterparts, the male friendship.

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Women have been considered to be very emotional as compared to their counterparts, males. Most of the friendships are opposite sex relationship. It is not necessarily to be romantic relationship. Sometimes it can be just a normal or professional relationship. Research study by Elizabeth R. Turner of Loyola University has revealed that people like to associate with their opposite sex. A woman can relate well with a man with a long lasting friendship as compared to their fellow women. Women are very emotional and this makes them to trust people easily. Trusting people is not a bad thing but sometimes it might be the downfall of you. Someone can use that opportunity and use it against you.

Females normally consider trust within themselves or to other counterparts than the males. Females can share any information amongst themselves and with other people because they are very trusting. The males on the other hand do not trust any other person with their information. In most cases, they tend to keep the information within themselves. They prefer to keep it rather than sharing it with other people. According to the research study carried out by Elizabeth R. Turner of Loyola University, women trust their female friends more than the male. According to the research, the males do not trust their fellow males with information no matter how little it might be.

However, female- female friendships normally do not last longer. According to some scholars such as Bleske and Buss (2000), female-female relationships are very hard to maintain because they trust each other with any information. Females do not know when to differentiate whom they should trust with information or not. As a result this becomes a challenge when they have misunderstandings. They will attack one another with the secrets they have against each other. Female relationships are mostly driven with the emotional feelings and jealousy. Most of the friendships break because of the bias and jealousy that drives the female. Although sometimes it is good to be ambitious but it becomes bad when someone takes that opportunity and misuse it for the wrong purpose. Women are well known for being jealous for their fellow women. And this is the main reason as to why most of the relationships do not work out.

Every friendship relationship is mainly determined by the trust between the involved. Women are very trusting and this also contributes to unstable friendship relationship with their fellow women. Women normally run to their counterparts men whenever they have problems. Women in most cases do not trust their fellow women with their secrets and they can even turn to their worst enemy instead of sharing the issue with their fellow women. Without trust no relationship can work out whether romantic or professional relationship. Trust is a very crucial element of effective friendship and therefore it should be maintained.

Because of females are very emotional, they are normally known to value emotional friendship. According to Down Sutton (2015), females are mostly attracted to emotional intimate friendships in which they can share even personal life experience and other issues. Male, on the other hand will always get attracted to those who share and have common interest as theirs. Males value those who trust and have common objectives as theirs. They are less attracted to emotional intimacy as their counterparts the females. Loyalty is a great value to males as compared to females.

Another factor which has contributed to the tension in the relationships is the competition in the economic field. Most men do not associate well with their competitors as compared to females. Females are very social and this in most cases contributes to their success. Most of women succeed because of the good relationship they maintain with their fellows; either with employers or employees in employment case. The males on the other hand normally do not relate well with their competitors, especially in the same economic level. It becomes very difficult to maintain relationship between males. In addition, the 20th century male friendships have been affected with the gay issue. Most males fear that if they keep close relationship with their fellow males, they might be named as gays.

In conclusion, this paper has examined the comparison between the female and male friendships. Friendship is highly determined by the trust between the involved parties. Trust enables people to share experience and problems. Through sharing information, one can easily find a solution to a long lasting problem.

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