The Iron Lady With a Big Heart. Paper Example

Published: 2023-02-21
The Iron Lady With a Big Heart. Paper Example
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A beautiful woman delights the eye while a wise woman charms the heart, but Idah does more than that. I met her during my internship at Sparks limited. In an office with over thirty employees, her beauty and passion for her job make her noticeable. At first, I thought she was just a pretty face who liked moving up and down the office, but after several days of interacting with her, I learned that there was more about her than meets the eye. Her long shiny hair was always held in a ponytail. This hairstyle complemented her small round head. Indeed our eyes are the windows to our hearts, and for Idah her big blue almond eyes made me feel safe whenever I shared with her my problems. The bright red lipstick she was fond of wearing on her full lips polished her look and made her look mature. She always wore a big smile on her face, especially when having casual conversations in the break room.

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When I joined the organization, she had just been promoted to the head of the marketing department after being in the organization for only a year. She joined the company immediately after university as a saleslady. Her intense passion and hard work saw her rise through leadership ranks. Even as a sales lady, she would ensure that all her sales targets were met. She stood out from the other salespeople because she would volunteer to go and talk with customers who were labeled difficult and demanding. Her good people skills made her close deals with these demanding customers, and this got her in good books with the company's management.

Unlike most people, Idah goes out of her way to ensure she mentors young talented employees. She took me under her wing and taught me the techniques required to be a great salesman. Under her mentorship, I learned how to interact smoothly with clients and how to meet my sales targets. Once Idah took the role of being my mentor, she suffered much backlash from the rest of her colleagues. They argued that she should concentrate on departmental affairs since she was now their leader. The constant criticism didn't dampen her spirits; instead she held ministerial training on the impact of mentorship. She made her team understand that by teaching the new team members how to work efficiently the department's overall performance would improve.

Even as a leader, she still stood out from other departmental heads. She was patient with her team members and would take the time to know each member's strengths and weak points. This assisted her in delegating tasks to the team members. She also had an open-door policy where she encouraged employees facing any challenge to seek help from her. According to Julie, her secretary, Idah is the best boss she has had since she pushes her to step out of her comfort zone and is always willing to help out. Justus, a colleague, recalls how shy he was when he joined the team, but Idah took it upon herself to transform him into an outspoken confident man. She urged him to sign up for public speaking classes and always gave him tasks that involved speaking to people so that he could polish up his skills. Idaho is a wonderful woman who lights a fire under everyone she interacts with.

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