Polyglots Definition Essay Samples

Published: 2018-02-16
Polyglots Definition Essay Samples
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What does polyglot mean

People who speak more than one language are not better in communication. Communication is the process of relaying information from one person to another or group of persons and receive feedback. For an information to be clear and effective, the two parties must understand what each other means. When an individual is able to communicate in more than one language, it does not necessarily mean that the person is better in communication since communication is a matter of how straightforward and clear the information is. One may speak in his or her native language or any other language that he or she speaks better but the information will not be clear if not framed well. Speaking can be the process of uttering words or sounds. This, therefore, means that even if an individual is able to speak in many languages, he or she may not be communicating since communication is based on giving understandable and clear information and receive feedback. However, if one is able to speak clearly in other languages and be understood, he/she can be better in communication so long as the person or group of persons he or she is speaking to understand the language. In conclusion, speaking is different from communication thus even if one is able to speak in more than one language, he or she may not be better in communication than one who speaks in one language.

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Polyglot meaning

Yes, multilingualism is the ability to speak more than one language effectively. However, the ability to speak does not infer effective communication because effective requires one's ability to empathize and develop a deeper connection with the audience. Multilingualism can con tribute to effective communication especially in the current workplace where cultural diversity is becoming a reality. Multilingual people can effectively understand and appreciate the cultural references as well as cultural nuances more than those that can only speak only one language you can understand and appreciate cultural references and nuances. Rolland, Dewaele & Costa (2017) confirms that “the multilingual people can effectively communicate with people from diverse backgrounds thereby enabling them to build a deep and meaningful relationship with people who are an important component of effective communication”. If an individual con communicates effectively with others in their local dialect, they can easily connect at a personal level, and this form of communication can contribute to developing and nurturing trust. The trust is what causes an individual or the entire audience to listen effectively. Additionally, multilingual can make the minority communities feel included especially in the increasingly culturally diverse world. A multilingual leader has a better chance of winning and influencing followers than a monolingual leader because he can easily communicate facts to the audience in terminologies that they can understand. In conclusion, multi lingual persons have social, psychological and lifestyle advantage over the monolinguals and are currently the most advantaged people in the future workplace where cultural and language barriers have a potential impact on employability.

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