Navigating Alzheimer's: Insights from 'The Genius of Marian' and Strategies for Mental Health Support

Published: 2024-01-23
Navigating Alzheimer's: Insights from 'The Genius of Marian' and Strategies for Mental Health Support
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The Genius of Marian is an American documentary that highlights the lives of Pamela White and her mother, Marian Steele (Ann, 2013). Marian Steele, a renowned artist and a mother to Pamela White, was diagnosed with Alzheimer 's-related dementia. After eleven years of suffering from the ailment, she passed on (Ann, 2013). Pamela wanted to write a book about her mother, but she was also unable to diagnose Alzheimer's. The movie covers Pamela White and her deceased mother's lives and their struggle with the ailment (Ann, 2013).

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An example of a real discussion about Alzheimer's shown in the documentary is the struggle and sacrifice a family makes to take care of a patient (Ann, 2013). Taking care of a patient who has Alzheimer's needs patience and is time-consuming. The family members or the caregivers have to involve the patient in any activity though he has dementia.

The portrayal of the disease in real life compared to the movie shows similarities. For instance, when Pamela is seen struggling with words, and her memory seems to be fading (Ann, 2013). These symptoms are classical signs of an individual suffering from Alzheimer's. The fact that she forgets things, she gets agitated quickly.

There is still a need to educate the public about the ailment. The movie has highlighted the struggles associated with Alzheimer's, but some people have no information about the condition when one asks around about the disease. Knowledge is power, and the health sector should do more to educate the public about the disease. It will help stop stigmatization about the condition, and more resources will be allocated to research more about it. Raising awareness is also pivotal in increasing the capacity for handling the situation in the country.

The film is an accurate depiction of the condition; some strategies can be implemented to improve the view of the need for mental health services and the need for mental health care. It is important to note that the quality of care given to mental disorders is not at par with that of physical condition. Thus, one way to improve is by providing a comprehensive support system (Kilbourne et al., 2018). In addition to medicine and therapies, peer support services will be of great help. Peer support is services offered by individuals who have experienced mental health issues; thus, they have empathy and real-life experience. It is also paramount to have services that empower patients during their recovery period.


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