The Healthcare Responsibilities of The State - Essay Sample

Published: 2023-12-12
The Healthcare Responsibilities of The State - Essay Sample
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The governments in the State are given a constitutional mandate to provide healthcare services to the State's residents. Thus, there around 20 agencies that provide different healthcare services. Moreover, most of the state agencies are given the mandate to implement some acts, including but not limited to the Food Drug and Cosmetic Act, Clean Air Act (2019). This paper will critically analyze the various responsibility of the State in healthcare.

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Several activities are within the State's responsibility to implement in their constitutional role of providing quality healthcare services. One of the state health departments' essential mandates is to survey and identify the public health issues in the communities within the department's jurisdiction. It is also within the state health department's responsibility to formulate strategies that will improve the communities' health welfare. Nonetheless, the State's obligation to assess various healthcare issues that affect communities within their jurisdiction and find appropriate solutions to the hindrances still stands (2019). Thus, to locate the proper solutions to law enforcement problems that uphold the State's healthcare welfare.

Moreover, it is within the State responsibilities to dispense population healthcare, including but not limited to nutrition and dietetics, obesity, HIV, and teen pregnancy. The state healthcare department also has an essential responsibility of keeping vital statistics of births, deaths, and disease status (Johnson, 2015). The State healthcare should also have departments to execute unique and exclusive mandates such as deciding which infections should be reported to the Centre for Disease Control and evaluating the rate of disease prevalence in the community.

Fundamental Responsibility

State healthcare departments are also given the fundamental responsibility of inspecting the licenses of the various healthcare facilities like the nursing homes and the hospitals and ensuring the service providers are offering the right working conditions and appropriate health services. Also, the licenses of healthcare professionals like the physicians, psychiatrists, dentists, nurses, and pharmacists and validate them so that efficient services are provided in the State. The State agencies departments also contribute to assisting the local health departments in the following ways; help the local healthcare develop policies that may guide their working conditions, help manage the health data in the facilities, and improve the health services they provide to the community. Accordingly, the State health department is charged with the critical responsibility of overseeing the local health departments' activities and guiding them in the various role to ensure quality healthcare service provision (Johnson, 2015). The primary sources for funding the State healthcare services are Medicaid and Medicare and other funding obtained from medical fees and fines.


Several departments operate under the State healthcare body, which include; Centre for disease control (CDC), whose primary role is to counter and establish responsiveness to a natural event or synthetic diseases. The Administration for Community Living ACL ensures healthcare services are provided equivalently even to people living with disabilities and the elderly in the community. The Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) is given a mandate of ensuring that toxic substances are disposed of and cleared within the living premises of a community and ensuring that the waste and dumping sites are always in right conditions. The National Institute of Health (NIH), whose role is to study individuals' health system, reduces the risks disease and, to no small extent, disability.


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