Teen Pregnancy

Published: 2019-05-22
Teen Pregnancy
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The rate at which teens get pregnant has perplexed the current generation, and many people wonder the future fate of this generation. Many teenagers have their parents to be blamed for failing to translate the scripts of their life. They live a mediocre life, often tolerated but not celebrated. Problems like having an absentee father, or parents not taking their time to talk to their children about this trending issue that in a way killing our society morals (Kim et al. 111).Many feels that discussing sex education is shameful and that it should be left to the school teachers to handle. Quite a number of people have to be blamed for it, for instance, peer pressure. Teens would always share their sex life experiences and describe in a manner that those who are still not into it would want to have a taste of the cake. This is where many fail; they get into it without thinking of the dangers associated. Unlike before where sex was sacred and left for adults or couples to be precise, it has nowadays been deeply rooted in our estates (Goesling 506). Teens who are still virgins are always referred to terms like abnormal or naive: old fashioned, they live in the past. They are not allowed to associate with the rest, This makes them feel lonely and out of place and for them to fit in, they have to have sex and at the end of it all, the results is pregnancy. For how long are we going to live in denial?

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Sex is everywhere, and we have to understand that; is the only remedy to it is exposure. Let the teens know that sex is there, and its not a bad act, it has its time after school if I may stress on that. Children belong to the state; each and everyone is responsible (Goesling 500). Lets take care of the future generation. I have seen quite a number of parents who close their eyes or pretend as if they have not seen an advert on TV about contraceptives or sex in general. They feel shy instead of taking that opportunity to let them know more about it. I always wonder where this shame came from and where irresponsibility originated. This inhumane act is disgusting- men take advantage of innocent young girls who are naive. They lure them into having sex in exchange for money without use contraceptives: condom. Serious action should be taken to such people. As a result, some are left with STDs, HIV, which has become rampant in the world putting the life of a girl in danger.I am afraid teenage pregnancy comes with complications like fistula during birth that is dangerous (Henshaw 211). The harm it causes to the body is not easy to bear and the embarrassment it comes with since everyone will not want to associate with that stinking smell of urine.

I am more concerned about girl child not because I am one but because I feel the pain of early motherhood. I do not want the rest to go through the same experience I have undergone. My mother was supportive to me though I still live with the guilt of having failed her. So unfortunate that not all have mothers with the same feeling that mine does since teenage pregnancy comes with all forms of stress like stigmatization (Henshaw 210). Teens do not like fingers being pointed at them, and once they notice this during pregnancy, they get depressed thus affecting the health of the fetus.At the age of 16, I was already apparent. Questions like who am i? Why did i? What next kept on crossing my mind? Whether I should abort on not? What will people say when they notice am pregnant? What was I going to tell my parents, whether I was ready to take care of a baby or not? Many resolves to have an abortion because they fear rejection. What teenagers fail to think of are the effects of abortion like hemorrhage that in turn leads to death, guilt, destruction of the uterus and many more. The media has a lot to say about teenage pregnancy but cannot offer any support, quite a disgrace.

Being single parented is not that easy but it does not mean that it is the end of the road. There is always a way out. You have to make things right for you and your childs survival. Do not cling to your friends and relatives to support you, they may fail you. Learn to be independent.Your child should be like a mirror to you, help you reflect where you have come from and think of a better future for you family. A child is a blessing that will help you grow strong in life and not forgetting that its by Gods grace we conceive. Having a child at teenage hood does not stop you from going back to school to accomplish your goals in life.

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