Business with Humanity Mind - Personal Statement Essay Example

Published: 2022-04-28
Business with Humanity Mind - Personal Statement Essay Example
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My pursuit of an MBA course will prepare me to venture into the world of business practice with the mindset of not only earning a salary, but also making a difference in life, and most importantly, in environmental sustainability. My focus in the business practice is to work ethically. Therefore, as an MBA graduate, it will be important for me to undertake my roles with 'humanity' in mind. From a personal perspective, 'business with humanity mind' entails establishing a market with higher resource efficiency to improve individuals' living standards.

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My professional experience in a non-profit organization named "Water, Land, and Ecosystems" is an invaluable requisite for this course. My internship in Laos afforded me a rare chance to undertake numerous types of research, aimed at establishing the correlation between global ecosystem change and local environmental activities. From the research, I learned that local product activities are under the threat of an unstable natural environment. The study established the role of the local government in scheduling various global ecosystem operations, thus reducing financial loss. This fostered my academic inspiration to further pursue Information System and Data Analytics as a course.

My enthusiasm for the present course has been further triggered by a case study that we conducted in France. According to the findings, an assured way to maintain the value of expensive brands is to destroy unsold products, thus immensely minimizing massive waste of resources. This reflects an ethical business practice, which helps a company to remain in operation for the foreseeable future. Another object lesson deduced from the case study was that the success of every business activity depends on perpetual ability to sell what meets the peculiar needs of consumers rather than what companies want to produce.

Notably, the highly regrettable lack of priority for the needs of customers has ultimately made many companies employ resources inefficiently, hence aggravating deterioration of the environment. Thus, the knowledge and skills gained in information system and big data technology are utilized to solve the blind production by reducing unnecessary waste. Such operations save more funds, which can be used in areas with emergency needs. Therefore, I firmly believe in the university's capacity to sharpen my intellectual skills in information system and big data technology, to be able to address similar issues in my line of work.

Apparently, my understanding of 'Business with humanity in mind' in the contemporary times has metamorphosed from the sheer donation of money to conscientious expenditure that saves resources. In light of the alarming environmental deterioration, the exhaustion of natural resources and the aggravation of class contradiction, 'business with humanity in mind' is the best tool to combat global crisis. This tool is encompassed by a lot of benefits, which reinforce sustainable development in the society.

Living in the 21st century, where the local environment has received a lot of changes and vast wastes of natural resources, has inspired me to enroll for the MBA course. My purpose in life is to create a sustainable environment for future generations. In fact, my goal of applying academic knowledge to improve environmental sustainability coincides with the university motto, which is "business with humanity in mind." This is a unique way that the school directly maps its vision on my interests. My career aspiration is to work with reputable information enterprises such as Tencent, where digitized technology is manipulated to manage big data.

My pursuit of an MBA programme is great chance that will not only shape my professional goals but also provide me with a transformational tool to establish social networks that improve my scholarly inquiry. A greater fulfillment of my career goals resides in starting a company that provides data technology service to other fields. With my enterprise, I endeavor to devote my full energy to the generalization of big data technology, through service delivery to all sectors of the economy.

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