Narrative Essay Example

Published: 2017-10-20
Narrative Essay Example
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My personal narrative essay example

Throughout my high school history and Geography classes, I had been reading interesting stories about the unique coastal towns of Australia. My teacher often emphasized Australian as one of the countries having attractive coastline consisting of caves, stalactites, stalagmites and wave cut notches that attract tourists from across the world. I longed to visit these beautiful sceneries and have a close interaction with Mother Nature. After a long time of longing, my teacher eventually organized for a field study that would take us to Australia. I remember succinctly when he entered the classroom that day and broke the news about the planned trip. He asked, “How many of you would wish to travel to Australia?” “The whole class!” We shouted out in dramatic unison. After a long period of preparations, we finally set off for adventure with nature in Australia.

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At the shores of Sydney, I experienced the crescendo of the rising and falling waves which dissipated the noises of the tourists drawn from different countries. The beach was like a magnate that attracted the old, children and youths. Some came for sheer fun while others like us were on an educational trip. Unlike most of my fellow classmates who were expressly overcome with the frenzy at the beach, I remained focused on learning the Geography of the Australian coastline.

After a short discussion with natives of Sydney, I got a beach guide who took me and a few classmates around the Sydney beach. “He is averse with critical aspects of action of waves on bordering land,” we confided in each other. His in-depth information about the coastal features defied his simplicity. On the return trip from Australia I asked a close ally, “what was your experience during this tour?” he confidently responded, “it is one of a lifetime.” I continued my interrogation, “how was the trip beneficial to you?” he said “I have learned the attractiveness of Australia to several tourists, children and adults interact freely at the beach and that watching the rising and falling ocean water is interesting.” Knowing well that the trip was intended to enable us learn some of the natural landforms at the coast, I skeptically told him “this trip did not serve its intended purpose for you.”

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