Clarity of the Presentation of the Results

Published: 2022-12-06
Clarity of the Presentation of the Results
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My colleague's tables are presentable and formatted in strict adherence to the APA formatting style. Additionally, the clarity of the tables can be seen through my colleague's ability to report relevant statistical results through these tables. For instance, vital descriptive statistics such as the mean, the median, and the standard deviation of the socioeconomic index variable of the General Social Survey (GSS) were reported. However, I want to suggest that the clarity of these tables needs to be further improved through labelling of all tables. All APA tables should be labelled to avoid a situation where the meaning of the data is not ambiguous (Haslam & McGarty, 2018; Jackson, 2015).

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Agreeing with my Colleague's Point of View

I want to agree with my colleague that understanding respondents' socioeconomic conditions can be one of the effective ways of addressing the mental health problems that are becoming prevalent in contemporary society. For instance, Maselko et al. (2017) recently reported that people who experience tough economic conditions characterized by household debt, food insecurity, and presence of few assets have a higher likelihood of experiencing depressive symptoms than their counterparts from the high socioeconomic background. Also, Dorner and Mittendorfer-Rutz (2017) established that the economic conditions of an individual predict his or her mental health condition. Because of the negative impact of low socioeconomic status on mental health, Guan (2017) suggested that improving the socioeconomic status of the poor could help in reducing mental health problems. Consequently, my colleague's descriptive statistics can help identify individuals from the low socioeconomic background and putting in place effective strategies needed to cushion them from developing mental health problems. One of these approaches can be by developing policies meant to uplift them from poverty.


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