Paper Example: Reading and Understanding the Content

Published: 2023-04-24
Paper Example: Reading and Understanding the Content
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There were both challenges and successes during the reading and understanding of the group content. The main achievement in the discussion was the importance of diverse cultural perspectives that can inspire creativity among members as well as drive innovation. There was more sharing of ideas from the different cultural identities in terms of how they do things leading to the conclusion on common ground. It helped to eliminate cultural biases because the group members laid down all the myths and decided to settle on culturally, including every member and respecting their boundaries.

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The challenge experienced during the reading was the difficulty of integration of the multicultural teams because the group faced prejudice and negative cultural stereotypes. There were unnecessary notions that a group of the members is intelligent compared to another where all the simplifications proved limiting and they divided the members. However, the group made sure to deal with the barrier by enlightening the members about the need to work together and the benefit of cultural diversity.

Making Decisions

It was challenging to make decisions for the team because members were divided on the leadership. The group relied on the leader to reach a conclusion that was not biased, and that included every member. The group had the benefit of intercultural flexibility because of the belief that diverse teams are more productive, and they perform better. Making decisions was not a sole responsibility since the members needed to discuss and reach a conclusion that they would all follow.

The group was more productive with cultural inclusion. The importance of diversity is that it breeds healthy competition, and it positively stretches the team to achieve the best. When there is an atmosphere of healthy competition in the group, it can lead to the optimization of opportunities and greater efficiency. The group reached a better outcome with the knowledge of diversity importance.

How the Presentation Went

The presentation was challenging at some point, but the members figured out what they had to fix for it to be easy. There were colleagues from some cultures who were less likely to let their voices be heard. It seemed that the presence of diverse brainpower was not entirely enough. It was necessary to create an open and inclusive environment for work so that all the members felt empowered to contribute. There were members who were more inclined to speak up during the presentation while others did not. The group fixed the challenge by making the members aware of the need for assertiveness.

My Understanding of Cultural Differences

Cultural differences are present in many aspects of one's life as long as there is interaction with members not of the same culture. The challenge of misinterpretation of professional communication because of the difference in languages is a critical element to take care of by having quality translations. People need to be aware of the need for cultural inclusion and more so respect for every culture. This way, there will be a clear understanding of each other and people will not risk their reputation by putting the differences first. Individuals need to have a similar understanding of professional etiquette such that even when colleagues from different cultures bring with them various attitudes, values, and behaviours, it can still be clear that there are boundaries they need not cross.

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