Bullying Research Paper Example

Published: 2018-04-03
Bullying Research Paper Example
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Principally, there are two types of belligerence in teenagers; physical and relation violence. The major features of typical harassments are poor relations, overreaction, low-income family social environment, poor perspective taking abilities, low academic achievement as well as belief concerning the appropriateness and effectiveness of aggression. Also, there are two types of victims towards bullying, passive and reactive victims and have the following features; both have profound respect, are commonly overprotected by their parents and are regularly abandoned by their peers. Besides, researchers have anticipated that to avert bullying, a complete person program should be introduced and be applied in schools as early as possible since it is the superior technique of plummeting bullying rate. Also, assisting students to widen sufficient self-aptitude, good quality relationships with their parents and teachers and encouraging sturdy skillfulness will as well facilitate in eradicating school bullying.( Wong, 2004).

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I agree with the thesis that bullying is so intimidating and should indeed be dealt with promptly. Concerning the article that bullying is extensive in schools, it is factual. I suffered from bullying personally when I was in secondary education and this begun just a few days after joining and acquiring new friends. I found myself being a slave to my fellow friends whom I thought they were my friends. They would occasionally ask me to go to the cafeteria and bring them all lunch, not considering that I just had two hands, but yes I was also scared to refuse. They would chortle at things I’d utter and entirely put me down. I felt fearful, miserable, friendless, and apprehensive and I would sob for hours. This affected my academics as I could not concentrate in class. I used plenty of my time trying to imagine what I should do and wherever I could go so as to evade being beleaguered. I never shared with my parents because I was worried they could be upset if could tell them. I no longer enjoyed the things I used to enjoy, and I decided to quit activity groups.

In expectation of soothing the trouble, I would propose that there should be a well-known system for teenagers to report being intimidated and acquire immediate assistance. Schools must have tough ramification for maltreatment. (Raisor & Thompson, 2014). Also, counseling must be offered to children who are terrorized and for those bullying as well and if the school have no support organization in position, parents' union should request the school to build up one.


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Wong, D. S. (2004). School bullying and tackling strategies in Hong Kong. International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology, 48(5), 537-553.

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