Multimethod Project Presentation: Hong Kong's Social Problems

Published: 2022-08-05
Multimethod Project Presentation: Hong Kong's Social Problems
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Hong Kong has been experiencing a series of social and political issues for decades. First, a mini-constitution referred to as "Basic Law" has an ultimate aim of giving Hong Kong's citizens a universal right to vote but two decades down the line, nothing has changed. Besides, the city has become more polarized since the 2014 movement that opened a way for more protests and conflicts with China. This has affected Hong Kong's businesses a great deal. Additionally, Hong Kong's private housing is unaffordable up to date because it is the most expensive property markets in the world. Hong Kong also faces the problem of poverty and long working hours, and there have been controversial security laws for over five years. However, we look at these issues; the government is the principal body capable of solving these issues. Therefore, my opinion is that Social problems, inequality in rich and poor, and inequality in fairness trend in Hong Kong caused by a mismanaged Government.

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This assumption leads to the following research questions:

1. How have consecutive Chief executives in Hong Kong failed the people of Hong Kong?

2. How have policymakers in Hong Kong misinterpreted the fundamental law and what effects has this had on the people?

3. What ways can Hong Kong successfully create a blueprint to conserve a separate identity, a thriving economy as well as its rule of law?

The chosen source will help answer these questions because it outlines ways in which Hong Kong's senior executives mismanaged policies and how that affected the citizen's quality of life. The source describes all the policy failures in Hong Kong including housing policies, education policies and economic relations with superpowers such as China. The source also examines the underlying issues that caused these policy issues. Besides, the article determines the Chief Executive's commitment to the fundamental law, which misguided them when it came to policy management.

The chosen source for this research project is "a city mismanaged-Hong Kong's struggle for survival" by Leo Goodstadt. A city mismanaged follows the collapse of Hong Kong's good governance. I chose this primary source for this project because it provides evidence that the cause of major social issues in Hong Kong is mismanagement. The source examines the causes of Hong Kong's collapse of good governance and the adverse effects this has had on the quality of life in Hong Kong's communities. Goodstadt (2018) argues that the catastrophic policy decisions made by Hong Kong's government executives have affected the current wellbeing of Hong Kong and it is likely to keep touching it even in the future. The source highlights some of the most dramatic mismanagement cases by the Hong Kong government including the government's denial to fully implement the fundamental law and the tolerance of the vast rising new slums in Hong Kong among others. Hong Kong's government also mismanaged its economic relationship with China creating unbearable business losses in Hong Kong. These detailed analyses in the source will help answer the research questions of the project

Leo Goodstadt, the author of this source, is an honorary associate of the university of Hong Kong and has served on a total of eight statutory and advisory boards of the Hong Kong government, which means he has a hand on experience on the incompetence of the Hong Kong government. In the source, he demonstrates how the management neglected fundamental social rights, therefore, causing a tone of unfavorable consequences in important sectors like education and housing. The author's credentials and personal experience on the issue under investigation improve the credibility of the source. However, by stating his point of view, Goodstadt presents humanistic biases thus taking away the full likelihood of the cause because he robs the readers of the chance to weigh their options based on diverse perspectives. However, this is an excellent source to inform my argument that a mismanaged government causes social problems, inequality between the rich and the poor and inequality in fairness trend in Hong Kong.


Goodstadt, L. F. (2018). A city mismanaged: Hong Kong's struggle for survival.

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