Article Review Essay: Labour Conflict Between Administrative Medical and Nursing Personnel in Hospital

Published: 2022-04-27
Article Review Essay: Labour Conflict Between Administrative Medical and Nursing Personnel in Hospital
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Based on the article Labour conflicts between administrative, medical and nursing personnel in the hospital, Authored by Maria Maniou, a healthy labor environment is characterized by the interaction and the respect between the various branches of workers. For example, the managers are required to understand, hear, and keep the workers aware of the aims of the hospital administration in case it concerns the organization (Maria, 2012). The author states the various types of conflicts that occur as a result of lack of good labor relations in an organization for example in a case whereby, a person's behavior intends to hinder the achievement of objectives of another person. The stated types of conflict include interpersonal conflicts, hierarchical conflicts, and functional conflicts.

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The author also explains the labor environment in the hospital where she identifies the various cultures present in the hospital this includes, first the patient culture, this culture bring out the various cultures that exist in the surrounding society and play the role of arranging the hospital labor environment. Secondly, managerial culture, this culture is concerned with the total image and the condition of the sick health consumers and ensuring that there is no individualization of the patients as most doctors try to do. Thirdly nursing culture, this culture was supported in services offering with specific respect to the doctors and the heads of the hospital. Fourth, medical culture, in these culture medical professionals learns how not showing any sentiment even though they help the patients. The author indicates that the presence of culture enables the workers to ensure that the limits of the teams to which they belong are maintained

Based on the article the author indicates the two main inter sectorial conflicts, this includes Labour relation between the medical and administrative personnel. The article shows that the contributing factor to the conflict between the medical and administrative personnel is the regularisation of the medical knowledge. This is seen to occur through the use of methods that enable medical work measurement for administrative purpose. The nurses and managers support this regularisation, but the doctors do not. According to the author, the poor relation results to challenges in the hospital operation and organization thus limited satisfaction of personnel. The improvement of this labor relationship can be attained by the introduction of communications channels between the managers and the doctors this will help avoid the personal attack and a common spirit.

According to the article, the other labor relation is between the nurse and the medical personnel. Based on the author the doctors and nurses labor relation requires key attention because they are highly complicated and have a huge influence on the patient. This labor relation is viewed as a fight for force where doctors try to handle the nurses as their subjects. Research in 2002 on doctors and nurses reported the presence of doctors unconnected behaviors in the work area have a negative influence towards the nurses and other personnel health-related issues (Maria, 2012). The author finds the cause of the poor labor relation to be the lack of respect and communication between both parties; thus, the individuals of one branch view themselves as superior to others. The poor labor relation can be improved through facilitating communication end equal decision making between the two parties.

According to the author, the expected benefits for the patients include, first, the relation helps boost the nurses and doctors satisfaction towards the patient treatment method and reduction of errors this helps to prevent cases of readmission since the patient recovers fully. Secondly, the doctors and nurse collaboration results to the reduction in medical cost and this help improve on the level of output and the worker's effectiveness. In cases where the doctors and nurses work together, they offer quality services to the patients thus improving the health outcomes.


Maria, M. (2012). Labour conflicts between administrative, medical and nursing personnel in the hospital. Health Science Journal, 6(2).

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