Business Letter Example from Walmart's Sales Manager

Published: 2022-07-07
Business Letter Example from Walmart's Sales Manager
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Dear Mr. Richard

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We want first to express our gratitude for choosing our company to conduct business with you. It is a pride to use to serve a very big company such as yours. As a company, we feel very proud of the progress we are making and the solid relationship that you have shown us. We are very happy with the way we can better serve you.

To start with Walmart company is getting stronger. In the US, for example, we have delivered over 1000 products to different customers. One of the major reasons we have had some success in our organization is that we have known that every person, every idea, and every voice has a potential. Our actions and an organization match our beliefs. Each and every day we try to do the right thing and at the same build a stronger business. Most are the times we get it right and when our customers raise an issue we adjust instantly. We have made a few changes due to technological advancement aiming and efficiency and productivity.

We have stores in over 50 states; examples of stores are WalMart supercenter, WalMart Discount Store, and Walmart Neighborhood Market. Our company operates its own trucks, a fleet of trucks to move their goods around our customers and to our retail outlets. Some of our retail outlets are located on the outskirts of major towns and city. This gives easy access to our products to our customers. As an organization, we also have in-house systems to assists us in our daily activities.

Some of the services that we offer are retail goods which are in a variety of categories. Our customers can buy electronic products like digital products like digital cameras, laptops, desktop computers, and printers. Digital cameras that we offer a range between $300 and $400, printers range from $200 and $300, desktop computers which range from $200 and $500. Other products that we offer are Slumber 1-10 Inch which goes for $99 to $200, an Instant pot which goes for $49. Some of the appliances that we offer are refrigerators which go for $300 to $500, freezers which its market price is based on the model that our customers want and it ranges from $600-$700. Other types of products we offer are bedroom furniture such as beds which go for $200, dressers which offer at $400, and nightstands which offer according to the material used. We also sell living room furniture such as coffee tables, sofas and coaches, and coffee tables. Others are kitchen and dining furniture such as bar stools, dining tables.

From all the products and services we offer, we would recommend you to have a printer and machine stands which we offer at $400, folding tables and chairs which we offer at $200. File cabinets which we offer at a very low price of $300. All these products we deliver for you at your premise at no cost which saves you an extra 20 to 30 percent.


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Sales Manager


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