Free Essay on Mindfulness Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for a Panic Event

Published: 2022-04-01
Free Essay on Mindfulness Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for a Panic Event
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A panic attack is classified under anxiety disorder in DSM V. Patients with panic disorder have attacks that cannot be attributed to physiological effects of a substance, and the attacks are not related to another mental disorder. These patients have the following symptoms; unwarranted and excessive fear, palpitations, sweating, trembling, chest pain or discomfort, dyspnea, fear of dying, chills and hot flashes. Mindfulness CBT is used as an adjuvant to pharmacotherapy in patients with panic disorders.

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The therapist will initiate mindfulness meditation in this patient. Mindfulness meditation is a relaxation technique whereby the therapist tries to bring patient's awareness back to the present (Hoge et al., 2013). He or she will allow them think through their fears without stopping them. The goal is to allow the patients accept the presence of the fear and panic, and act in a manner that is appropriate rather than short-term reduction (Hofmann, 2012). Patients often try to ignore their negative thoughts, panics, and fears by pushing them away and ignoring them. However, this works for a short time, and the fear comes back within no time. Mindfulness CBT will allow this patient face their fear and panics hence allowing them to detach from them without any reaction -it short-circuits the vicious cycle of panic and fear (Marchand, 2012). This patient with a panic attack will do at least eight sessions with the therapist (Sipe and Eisendrath, 2012). During this sessions, the

After the guided sessions, the patient will be encouraged to establish a regular meditation routine. The patient will be allowed to decide on what time of the day they would like to meditate. The meditation should last for 5 to minutes. The patient should start by closing off their eyes and doing a breathing exercise. This is followed by allowing their thoughts flow freely and any ideas come to mind without interrupting them. When the patient feels done, they should take few deep breaths and open their eyes (Katharina, 2018). Meditation is not easy as the patient starts, but he or she will learn as time goes by. Meditation will enable them to conquer their fears and panics ultimately.


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