Paper Example. Love at First Sight

Published: 2023-08-29
Paper Example. Love at First Sight
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College students who believe in ‘love at first sight’ may have higher levels of relationship satisfaction and commitment than their counterparts who do not believe in such romantic beliefs. The first reason behind this is because it is possible to remember the initial attraction. What attracted one to a partner makes them maintain initial affection when they remember it. It is possible for one to decide almost immediately if they find someone to be attractive. Within seconds, the brain comprehends if it is interested in someone or not. Where there is mutual attraction, the relationship is likely to last longer. Believing in ‘love at first sight’ makes the couple to be connected and to share a common destiny. People who are walking on the same path are likely to be committed and to have a happy relationship.

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First impression is essential. What people consider as ‘love at first sight’ could be even attraction at first sight. The students who believe about ‘love at first sight’ will remember what attracted them to their partner. There is an understanding that there is something that made someone to develop interest on the other. The attraction is also important because when one is attracted to someone it makes them one to know the other more. So love in most cases starts with attraction. For college students, it is more likely that they are at the age when one should get a partner. Therefore, when one sets eyes on someone and sees that he likes the other one, it can be the start of a long-lasting relationship.

The creation of memories can lead to relationship satisfaction and also more commitment. For many students, it could be their first date and therefore likely to remember every detail. If one likes the partner, there is a more likelihood that the memory will lead to the creation of an unbreakable bond. Those who believe there is ‘love at first sight’ ' are the ones who create memories. They are more hopeful that their relationship will work and they are more committed hence higher satisfaction.

Believing in ‘love at first sight’ creates more expectations. Hoping for the best makes the relationship work. Every party in the union is committed to ensuring that there is happiness. People live by faith. Where there is no faith, there is no hope of a better tomorrow and hence the challenges in the relationship keep on increasing. Those who believe in ‘love at first sight’ invest more in their relationship. The investment is not about money alone but also setting more time for the partner. The love life of those who do not believe in the romantic belief is dormant.

The students who do not believe in ‘love at first sight’ are the ones who are likely to have a low-level satisfaction in their relationships. As long as they do not believe in it, they do not put much effort into their relationship. Failing to believe in ‘love at first sight’ makes love to be more complicated. They have the feelings but they take them to be a fallacy and something which should not be trusted in making decisions to love or not to love. Some fail to believe about love because they even do not know what love is. They also fall in ‘love at first sight’ but do not know what exactly is happening. Some may listen to some myths that there is no love at first sight.

The people who do not believe in ‘love at first sight’ stay in abusive relationships. There is no connection with the partner of what brought them together. The lack of a shared memory makes the union unstable. When partners do not enjoy the relationship and there is no commitment, there is more likelihood of an abusive relationship. Love is about feelings and emotions. Those who believe in ‘love at first sight’ develop more feelings for their partners. The connection is so intense and it is not possible for one to mistreat the other. Love and respect last long.

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