Essay Sample on Difference Between Culture and Public

Published: 2023-04-01
Essay Sample on Difference Between Culture and Public
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Any uneducated person believes that the public and culture are similar. Even though they are intertwined and connected, they are not the same thing. It is for the fact that one cannot survive without the other, and that is why there is a difference. In most cases, culture is seen as a tradition that creates cohesion and continuity among people of the same mutual. Throughout the past, religion has always been interpreted in many ways. Most sociologists and experts share and think that culture is the traits of values, behavior, and beliefs of a defined population (Carens 92). The essay will elaborate more on the difference between the public and culture. The paper will also give a view if American has one or many cultures.

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The society, in this case, can be defined as a significant social group that organizes and cooperate in a certain way. In this sense, people have a particular relationship that makes them have a feeling of belonging. The interactions of such a group must be taken into consideration to elaborate on the public and culture (Liu & Suel 169). It is, therefore, right to state that the relationship between society and culture is existing and present.

The society is directly affected by culture because of how people react to ideas and changes. In other words, people look at the outside to understand the community, but literature reveals the character of the society. People believe that the culture of a place begins in a society where people manage and lead their lives in a particular lifestyle.

In most cases, it contains their norms, standards, arts, technology, education, social system, and, most importantly, religion. As known so far, society cannot be separated from its own culture because they connect (Liu & Suel 175). Both terms are encompassing and overwhelming to explain because everyone knows who they are and where they come from.

Does the U.S Have One Culture?

It is inappropriate to say America has one culture because it is a patchwork of identities, customs, languages, and cultures. The U.S has several regions where each has its vibrant cultural status and history. According to Hedstrom, the American culture consists of traditions and customs that control people when it comes to what they wear, music, what they hear, religions, food, and what they believe is right or wrong (p.80).

The U.S is the third-largest country globally, with a population of approximately 325 million. Every eight-second a child is born, and every twelve seconds, someone dies (Mckay 277). Also, due to the Native Americans that lived there from the begging, the trend of life and death makes people adapt to many cultures. Despite the existing refugees in America, every 33 seconds, a new immigrant moves to the U.S (Mckay 279). This is what makes America one of the most culturally driven nations even after it was colonized in the early 1600s.

The culture in America has also shaped the cultures of Asians, Africans, Latin Americans, and Native Americans. America is sometimes known as the melting pot because of the various cultures that lead to the flavor of the district that make the environment-friendly (Hedstrom 83). Similar to how cultures influence the world, the culture found in America influences how they live with each other.

That is why countries like Europe and America are known to have the best western cultures around the world. The way people connect in America varies. Immigrants from different groups, for instance, like the Catholic-speaking societies maintain their cultural family traditions and language (Hedstrom 90). However, this group integrated with the urban community and adopted the American style of living.


Culture and the public, as elaborated, are terms that relate to each other. It's tough for any society to connect well if there is not culture. The reason behind this statement is that learning first begins then the community forms. Religion is one thing that has existed for a while. As known, the society cannot be separated from its culture. That is why society is a significant social group that organizes and cooperates in a certain way.

Usually, culture has the norms, standards, arts, technology, education, social system, and, most importantly, religion. America is one country that has diverse cultures, traditions, and languages. The mixture has made the nation one of the biggest that has many tribes. For instance, for many years, the Native Americans moved to the U.S in search of a better life. With time they settled and began adapting with the American culture.

The group also intermarried with Americans, and this was the beginning of the diverse cultures. America is also called the melting pot due to the various cultures that lead to friendly environments and vibrant cultures. In other words, the American culture has traditions and customs such as what they wear, music, what they hear, religions, food, and what they believe is right or wrong.

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