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How to Make the Most of Free Autism Essay Samples

Writing an essay on autism can be challenging, as it's a delicate issue, especially if your family has a history of autism spectrum disorder (ASD). If you're struggling with the topic, research, or writing, the SpeedyPaper collection of free autism essay papers is at your disposal.

There's so much you can gain from browsing our autism essay archive! Each sample has a reference section, where you'll find relevant and credible sources. Start with those, and your research for an essay about autism will take half the time and produce twice the results.

Reverse outlining a free essay on autism is a great way to plan your piece. Focus on the sample's thesis statement, topic sentences, and closing arguments. Once you notice the pattern, transfer it to your autism essay. And if you pay attention to transitions, word choice, and argumentation, you may glean some helpful writing tricks to adopt and make the most of in your autism essay writing and other projects.

If you're short on time and have no energy to write an essay on autism from scratch, you may try rewriting the piece you get from the SpeedyPaper collection. But be very careful to alter sentence and paragraph structure along with word choice to fool advanced plagiarism checkers and avoid trouble in school.

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Creative Autism Essay Topics

Whether you're going to write an autism essay on your own or let our experts deal with it in your stead, you'll need to settle on a research question first. We recommend skimming autism essay topics in our database before diving into research. If you're lucky, you'll find an excellent idea within minutes.

  1. Analyzing the behavior of children with the autism spectrum disorder
  2. Evidence-based interventions for people with autism spectrum disorders
  3. Behavioral interventions for children with autism spectrum disorders
  4. Strategies for improving communication skills in children with ASD
  5. Evaluating the experiences of children with ASD in an inclusive preschool classroom
  6. Working memory and spatial relations skills in children with ASD
  7. Implementing project-based learning for children with autism spectrum disorders
  8. Coping mechanisms for children with autism and mental illness
  9. Teaching communication skills to students with autism spectrum disorder
  10. Adjusting curriculum for children with low-functioning ASD

You'll notice that some of the topics above come with autism essay examples, making your job easier. But if you don't find a suitable issue to study, get in touch with our experts, who will craft a unique research question for you.



What Is Autism?

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a group of developmental conditions caused by differences in brain functioning. As a result of these changes, people with ASD have different ways of communicating, learning, and expressing emotions, setting them apart from society. And while many people may demonstrate similar signs, ASD is only diagnosed if the symptoms seriously affect the patient's life. Researching for your essay about autism, you'll learn one in 44 children in the US is now diagnosed with ASD. And almost a third of the people with ASD (30%) have a related intellectual disorder.

What Causes Autism?

Modern medicine does not have a precise answer as to what causes ASD. However, researchers believe biology, genetics, and environment are the major contributing factors. For example, late pregnancy, infections during pregnancy, and difficult births are known to increase the risk of autism. At the same time, men are four times more likely to have ASD than women. And people with rare genetic disorders, such as fragile X syndrome, are also more likely to be diagnosed with ASD. Researchers have also found correlations between autism and mitochondrial diseases, though you shouldn't focus your autism essay around this issue as there's no direct relationship identified as of yet.

How Is Autism Diagnosed?

Unfortunately, no universal lab test or examination can conclusively diagnose autism. As ASD is a developmental disorder, it is usually diagnosed by medical professionals through several developmental examinations, starting at the age of nine months. Pediatricians evaluate a child's behavioral patterns at 9, 18, and 30 months, and ASD-specific screening is recommended at 18 and 24 months. Scheduled screening may identify signs of developmental anomalies, which should lead to a more in-depth ASD-specific screening. The sooner a child is diagnosed, the sooner they will receive the help and support necessary to ensure their long-term well-being.

What Are Signs of Autism?

Early signs of autism spectrum disorder can become noticeable when a child reaches nine months. Children with ASD cannot support eye contact and have trouble expressing emotions through facial expressions. The lack of gestures by 12 months, the lack of common interests by 15 months, or the failure to notice people are sad or hurt by 24 months are all signs of possible ASD. You can also dedicate your essay on autism to repetitive behavior, which is more pronounced in children with ASD. For instance, they get upset if anyone changes the order of their toys. They also tend to play with their toys the same way every time and have specific routines. In case their routines are disrupted, children with ASD get upset.

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