MIF Environmental Assessment Toolkit, Essay Sample

Published: 2022-09-28
MIF Environmental Assessment Toolkit, Essay Sample
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The environmental assessment toolkit herein concentrates on transport, booth material, and waste management. Following this guide will yield a comprehensive assessment of Macao international trade and investment fair. The culture of transport and transport facilities are to be assessed to measure whether the city is eco-friendly or otherwise (MIF. 2018). A large number of tourists, for example, visiting Macau every year creates a challenge in implementing the best environmental practices. Managing emissions that come from transportation will yield an eco-Macau. Consider having a concentrated population than the widely spread one as they require fuel in their transportation. Reliance on biking, walking as well as shared transport means is key.

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I will suggest that the city needs to embrace smart transport systems (Karen, 2010). Some of the systems include electric, hybrid and other new energy like solar vehicles should be introduced into the transport. The charging stations should be installed with battery and environmentally friendly storage solutions. Smart Transportation System and Solutions

Booth Materials

It is necessary to understand the context of the city I relation to its architectural plans and buildings (Hong et al., 2016). There may be seen a dilemma between preserving the culture and implementing a recycle system in Macau. Assess whether the city has sustainable buildings and green buildings that reduce carbon (iv) oxide emissions. Also, assess whether the buildings have the best noise control, water wastage, lighting preservation, and aeration installed.

It is recommended to consider facility management with environmentally friendly technology (Karen, 2010). The technologies here include green architectural designs as well as passive and bioclimatic designs. Green building materials need to be used alongside automation and light source control in lighting technologies. Water harvesting and reuse in building technology will yield a green building environment. Rooftop and vertical greening, heating, air conditioning, and ventilation are other recommendations in booth materials.

Waste management

Environmental waste caused by various substances is increasing at a high-level world and imposes imminent danger to our surroundings. Waste generation and lack if regulation laws as well as its treating facilities that Macau faces need to be addressed urgently (MIF. 2018). It is then important to learn the status so that suitable methods to solve the problem should be drafted.

It is recommended that the waste management need to attain the following measures to be considered eco-friendly (Hong et al., 2016). Recyclable waste management with the ability to reduce, reuse, reuse, and repair management. Ensure that the buildings have sludge treating and processing recycling technologies that can change waste to energy.


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