Anatomy Essay Assignment

Published: 2018-07-30 08:18:12
Anatomy Essay Assignment
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Bilateral Renal Agenesis

Bilateral renal agenesis is a rare medical condition that develops in unborn children where the baby is born without both of the kidneys. It’s caused by genetic disorder that causes the kidneys not to develop in the fetus; this is common in parents who have kidney deformations like unilateral renal agenesis. Babies who develop this condition are not able to survive and when they do, cannot be alive for more than a few minutes (Welling, 206). It is commonly found in male infants than in females, when this condition occurs, doctors’ advice on abortion.

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Facing the news that your unborn child has this rare condition is very difficult since the options available are not in the child’s favor, I would advocate for abortion, to spare the infant, mother and family from the grief of having to bury their child who survived moments of this earth and those moments being of pain and discomfort. It is a difficult decision to make but it pains more to see a small child suffer and eventually lose their life.

Babies with bilateral renal agenesis lack both kidneys while those with unilateral renal agenesis have one of the kidneys, Babies one kidney can live normally with proper medication, examination and treatments. Those ones with no kidneys hardly survive and if the live, they require progressive and long dialysis to be able to survive. The condition is very rare, about 1 percent of all births annually. (Jones, 33).

Kidneys are responsible for removing waste from the body, maintain a balance of electrolytes, supply hormones helping development of red blood cell growth and help the body to absorb calcium and phosphates. This makes them essential to survival, without them the offset in body balance in terms of waste, chemicals and blood will lead to death without proper treatment and examination. (Eisendrath & Surg, 206)

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