Hospitality Leadership Management Essay Sample

Published: 2023-01-31
Hospitality Leadership Management Essay Sample
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World trade winning hotel in China has grown tremendously to become one of the most prominent hospitality hotels because of its exquisite service and customer service delivery. Being in one of the most competitive industries, their success as a giant and world-class hospitality industry in the universe demands the accolades of well-established business culture and how they treat their customers at all times. World trade winning hotel in a Jilin China presents a great taste of exclusive world-class hotel which has attracted a vast following and a customer base which is evident by the significant number of world visitors they receive every year.

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Their success and a competitive edge that they have received over the years have been dramatical as a result of their well-established work operation. In all the areas of expertise from customer service, employee relations, and managerial administration to the general drive of the organization, the hotel has dramatically mastered the art of hospitality through fully implementing organizational culture as the tool to success. The five essential elements of corporate culture include purpose, ownership, community, effective communication, and leadership. (Sheehan, M., Grant, K. and Garavan, T, 11, 2018).

Organizational culture is an essential element that was significantly presented while working at Winning hotel. The other employees demonstrated excellent skills in customer service, which is the utmost element that defines the nature and success of the hospitality industry. The organization management is an integral part of the organization. We believe in the famous quote that "take care of the associates, and they will take care of the customers." Having such a central drive to work presents the power and the drive that the organizations and we as workers need in our respective working areas. Winning hotel is endowed with significant cultural elements which are the source of its exquisite taste for the attraction of international clients who would wish to come and experience and an exclusive taste of the cultural values and elements of the country (Tuan, L.T, 22, 2018.

Wining hotel in China bears its success in becoming an internationally well-recognized hospitality industry because of its management operations. The managers and the associates of an organization hold a very crucial part in the steering an entity towards its growth and success. It was recommendable to notice how the associate engaged with the subordinate staff and workers of the organization in a manner that significantly demonstrated how the best they can quickly bring out the good in their workers. The management presents the internal work relationship that has been the reason for success for the hotel. Any organization that seeks to succeed need to understand the essential elements of leadership and management. It is only through excellent leadership skills and decision making that the right choice can be reached and thus a positive and significant impact on the general setting of the organization. Another element that was evident during my stay in the hotel is their proactive nature to the changing nature of the industry especially in the sector of technology (Ling, Q., Liu, F. and Wu, X., 8, 2017.

Having been a worker at the winning hotel, the channels of communication were most effective, and this has been an evident claim to its consistent service delivery in the work process. Effective communication in an organization dramatically helps in the streamlining of services in an entity in that there would never be a mismatch of any form that might result in poor service delivery. The hotel has excellent room service and a faster reaction to any information required by its customers. Effective communication has been their great emblem to success because it is through such exceptional service that the clients are more convinced of a better place and a reason to be a part of the organization in the future. Also, having effective channels of communication has a significant influence on the improvement of the employees' commitment since it creates an environment of openness and engagement. Effective communication as a cultural element has an excellent impact on the success of an organization and in ensuring that workers have a center drive to guaranteeing the satisfaction of visitors during their stay in the hotel (Weerakit, N. and Beeton, R.J.S, 17, 2018)

The other cultural element is communities which represent the sense of belonging that workers have in the organization. As a worker in the hotel, there was the realization that the workers shared a common working goal of active customer service and through the satisfaction of their needs. Such cultural had been the general drive. Such common values and culture that they had been conforming to have been the secret organization recipe to their success and also in the motivation of their employees to give their best in their respective work environment. Such great work attributes and values have been the guiding principles that have seen the hotel rise to greatness and also bringing out the best in all their employees (Jusoh et al., 16, 2018).

Working at the hotel, the other cultural element that showed up was the purpose or the mission that the organization presided. The hotel administration demonstrated a great sense of empathy and work ethics. As workers, we were supposed to dress in formal outfits at all times and treat every client with the utmost professionalism and respect. Such attributes were the elements of culture that the hotel had, and this has been the reason for the love the customers show for the hotel. Abiding by a shared work ethic, builds the trust from customers, which in turn translate to more visitors every season. Workers get to improve in their relationship which each other and with the clients, which leads to personal growth and development (Huang et al., 21, 2016).

Ownership as a cultural element was also evident in the hotel as workers were allowed to be accountable for their actions. It is an artistic element that allowed the employees to be responsible and manage their activities with ease without any supervision. Having minimal supervision gave the workers a great chance to feel valued, having the opportunity to be accountable at all time. Accountable develop growth within the employees since that is given an opportunity of entitlement and act without having to look over their shoulders at any time. Ownerships have seen the hotel minimize their expenditures on supervision and other related costs.

` The management structure and leadership of the hotel is one that deserves excellent accolade. The hotel leadership presented the framework for growth and development, where they would continuously push on us to deliver on the hotels' mission and goals. It is evident that without great leadership, then the rest of the four elements of culture would not hold water in any entity or organization. The organizational leadership of the hotel contains the backbone and framework of the other aspects, and this has been their secret strategy to success, (A Megeirhi et al., 13, 2018).


Cultural elements in any organization are the basic principles and guidelines that an organization should follow to realize their full potential in any field. These are the elements that Winning hotel in China fully implemented and as a result, they have grown to become a significant player in the hospitality industry. They represent the essential elements that give any sector an edge over their competitors and other players in a field. Being a worker at winning hotel was a great experience. Learning on the various cultural elements and values presents the best guide towards implementing the core values of business success.


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