Compare and Contrast Essay Sample

Published: 2018-09-04
Compare and Contrast Essay Sample
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The First Nations

The people of French specifically got along with the First Nations like house on fire. They did not contain the land hunger that the people from English did, maybe because, at the moment, they were operating under a seigneur system, which was considered as feudalistic. Therefore they came together in small areas, used the Canadian to plow the fields cooperatively, and some land in Canada was left wild, with many tribesmen unmolested there upon (Conrad, 1996).

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They also began a brisk business of furs, which offered the Indians plenty of important things – which included real knives, cloth, beads, cooking pots and exchange of furs. It enables the Indians to gain very useful materials. Although the Indians did not benefit in this business, they were comfortable doing. They thought they were getting the best out of the bargain: what the French gave them was clearly far superior to what could make on their own, and in exchange, and gave things they did not need the excess produce of trapping and hunting (Conrad, 1996).

Canada was not so hospitable as compared to agri-business in Barbados; it just made sagacity to utilize the real prosperity of the nation furs rather than attempting to impose upon a technique that might not function so well. Up until 20th century, the Canadians became stable to any significant extent; even currently, most Canadians stay with 100 miles of the international border (the “medicine line,” as the Indians referred to it), together with Ottawa (Conrad, 1996).

Canada never witnessed the leading Indian war

It is this way as a result of the native tribes that supported the Revolution; it’s the reason as to why Tecumseh lead the British side to the battle of 1812; and the reason as to why Canada never witnessed the leading Indian war. (The Metis Rebellion do not total because the Metis were “mixbloods” and were not from any tribe.) It is the reason as to why when RCMP was founded, it applied the law fairly towards white and red alike (Conrad, 1996)

On the other hand, the original owners of Barbados were Amerindian nomads. Waves of migrants entered north towards North America. The first wave was the “Saladoid” – Barbadian group, who were fishermen, farmers, and ceramist (Conrad, 1996).

When the French started exploring North America, they tried to alleviate the illness the people of Barbados were going through due to earlier European explorers. The French established peaceful interactions with the Native Americans. They recognized the desire to come up with established commerce relationships with the Barbados, and hence backed up intermarriage; they tried to influence the natives’ way of living by maintaining that children born as a result of intermarriage were brought up in the French style (Conrad, 1996).

European authority

The French went further ahead to try to promote Franco values among the Barbados. It included relocating natives close to French communities in the faith they could sway them. Regardless of this, they did appreciate the fact that the natives culture was differently hence becoming the only European authority to accept and tolerate (Conrad, 1996).

Nonetheless, in the 18th century, there were some instances of cruel behavior among the French and subjected to the Natives. When different tribes resisted France availability including members of the Natchez tribe, they were sold to other areas like West of Indies as slaves to work in their companies. Also, the French would frequently reposition tribes without their consent to make it easy to take their lands and use (Conrad, 1996).

I conclusion, both the suffering in Canada and Barbados natives were the same and the French people caused untold suffering to many.


Conrad, A. W. (1996). American Colonies. New York: New York Publisher

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