Math, Business and Electronics: My Journey from a Toddler - Essay Sample

Published: 2023-09-16
Math, Business and Electronics: My Journey from a Toddler - Essay Sample
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As a toddler, I got attracted to solving simple math issues with my friends, such as diving the number of oranges equally to all my friends. Alternatively, even solving math problems that I found lying on the tables. These included previous exams for my older brother. As I grew older, I became more interested in business, and I used to accompany my uncle, who had a small shop that sold electronics such as televisions, Computers, and also radios. The shop also dealt with repair of DVD players,

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Through this, I was able to perfect my business skills such as knowing how to balance the stock sheets, how to make new business orders. This also enriched my problem solving and decision-making skills. Since my uncle was a degree holder in Computer engineering, he taught me the necessary skills on how to creates my business website, which I could use to sell electronic items, kitchenware, and also foodstuffs. Even though it took some time for my website to attract consumers, after a while, I started receiving new orders, and thus, I had to make new orders to purchase goods for my clients.

I worked at the Jada Business firm, which mostly involved itself with online marketing of goods, and it ensured that every client was well treated and the goods that were sold arrived quite safe and with no damages. With the skills that I had learned from my uncle and my experience in online selling of goods, I was able to make the company make profits of a 30% increment, and this made me be the most recognized and respected employee of the year. I was given a salary increment and made the junior supervisor of the firm ensure that no mistakes were made while packaging the orders to the clients and that all the clients were delighted with the services offered by the Jada business firm.

As I grew much older, I perfected by mathematics problem-solving skills in that I became the top in the mathematics departments. It made me be chosen to perform on the yearly mathematics tournament, which was held at our school and that it was attended by a considerable number of other students from other parts of the states. I won the tournament by taking second place.

Apart from being into mathematics and school work, I was also attracted to games such as fencing and Judo. I was attracted to Judo because it was more than a game and that it was referred to as the modern-day martial arts. The game is based on the Japanese Martial Arts and that the game also has a positive impact since one can efficiently train to relax the body and also the mind. The Judo game mostly taught me discipline and also the self-control techniques, which are essential in the business grounds.


Even though the online training and also the skills I have learned throughout the years are essential in enabling one to easily engage in trading activities and make massive profits in order to also secure one`s place in the society. The profits I make daily can cater to me fully in everything, but I need to attend school in order to sharpen my business skills, and I opt to apply for the Finance and Business Course. Finance and business skills are to ensure that I improve on my communication skills and also how to enhance one`s financial skills in that one can adapt to the ever-changing environments of the businesses.

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