Essay Sample: Customer Service Plan for the New Customer Service Officer

Published: 2019-09-30
Essay Sample: Customer Service Plan for the New Customer Service Officer
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The case study was solely carried out in small sales and services company. The Company is located in Alabama district at Birmingham. The corporation started experiencing a lot of losses due to problems which came up as a result of the poor reputation it received as a result of delay in delivery of air-conditioning units, wrong units, and failure for the staff to apologize on these shortcomings. Peter, the new customer service officer in the company had the task of refurbishing the image of the enterprise. One of the steps in which one had to undertake was to give out warranty of the air-conditioning service for a certain duration for example one year.

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Principe Theory

This gives the customers an opportunity to purchase as usual from the company since they view the risk as being reduced. They also view that their complaints within the stipulated time frame is under control. Another way Peter had to provide a flexible method of payment in which is much friendly to the clients. This can be through monthly installments, hire purchase, and so forth. This in turn makes one be determined in purchasing of services and products from this company. Moreover, Peter should also ensure that the product reaches the customers as soon as possible and more so within the agreed time frame. This can be enhanced by having readily available means of transport which is in good condition in order to avoid chances of breakdown during the course of conveyance. The after sale services should be provided in order to encourage the clients to buy from the company since most view this as a great privilege to be recognized by the business as very important. This is because they feel that they are good to go as what they want is only a phone call or mail away and the delivery of service or goods is made within a short span of time. Apart from this, Peter should also offer free training and education concerning the use and maintenance of the air-conditioners. During this period one ought to take the advantage of rebranding the products name (GRIFFITH, 2010). The client present will change the perception of the company and therefore, continue to get the services as it used to be earlier on. The challenges in the small business in the long-run will be solved and reinstate it back to its original situation of making profits by providing of the services to the clients both within Alabama and even outside this district.

Application of key performance indicators

Key performance indicator (KPI) is defined as an organizational criterion which is used in the assessment of the factors that are very significant to the growth and development of the company. It is very important for any company since it acts as a gauge on its performances. The notable KPIs which are mostly used in several companies include; business process, service level agreement, efficiency, budget, service quality and compliance. These factors will be discussed in length in this piece of work in order to show its relevance for the running of the business. According to GRIFFITH, (2010), KPI, business process plays a very vital role in estimation of the time and percentage used by a given process to complete its process in an industry.

Examples of KPIs application

For instance, this small business dealing with air-conditioning installation uses the principality of the KPI in analyzing the time in which the air-conditioner can perform its tasks from the duration the clients was installed with the air-conditioner units, the average time deviation for its installation, the percentage of the overdue of its fixing in a given area and also the average age the air-conditioner can last before it is changed. Another key performance indicator used for air-conditioning business is service level agreement. This defines the relationship of the task between the company and the clients in order for the goals to be accomplished in the most succinct manner among them. It also outlines the way in which the employees in the company should coordinate in order to meet the business objectives. This agreement for instance is the availability of the parties and means of transportation during the planned day and time of the service and product delivery, cost of delivery should also be outlined in order to give room for the customer to decide whether to wait for the service at home or travel to get it personally from the company as far as expenses are concerned. The number of complaints should also be factored in so as to help the business in improving its quality of service delivering merchandise.

Social Theory

Efficacy is another very imperative provision of KPI meant to facilitate good customer relations in the customer service unit. This KIP is characterized by the number of staff who is involved in the provision of services to the customers. There should be a good ratio to the customers in order to facilitate smooth operation and improve on the standard of service provided .The number of human errors is also an aspect to be considered in order for rectification for an occurrence of another error in the near future .KPI also provides budgeting framework for the business. This functions in that the expenditure and revenue of the concern should not have an abnormal deviation. In spite of that, the company should budget in such a way that that it has the ability to run its different departments in a way which is not strenuous.KPI also requires that the business be compliant to the laws of the country and to the terms of the registration of the business. This helps in countering problems which are caused by trading on unlicensed businesses and other illegal issues which are experienced in trade.

Strategies to monitor progress for sustainability

Each and every business organization requires strategies in order to monitor the manner in which it is performing in the market. Strategies also helps an enterprise to easily meet their goals since it acts as a guide in understanding the market for their produce. These strategies can be analysis on the time used by the small business in delivering of its services. Peter should ensure the time used to deliver services to the client should be within a day. This will make clients to appreciate their services and subsequently widening of the fair. Peter should also ensure that all the mails are replied as soon as possible in order to allow room for the customers to plan themselves for example financially before requesting for the delivery of services. Apart from that, Peter should concentrate on the rating of their services by the clients. This will enable them in understanding the specifications from the clients.

Pricing perspective theory

Peter is ought to monitor on the price mechanism of the air-conditioning installation and the cost of their units. One can do this by making sure that it is a little bit lower than those provided by other companies dealing with providing this type of the service. This will encourage the clients since majority prefer cost-friendly goods. The customer service relation officer should also do intensive research on the lost opportunities which were faced due to factors such as laxity among the employees in the company. This will give him a good knowledge on how to counter the problem and with that make a deal on how curb on those lost opportunities. Additionally, one should also do massive product promotion within and outside the vicinity (GRIFFITH, 2010). This helps in sensitization of the unaware clients to purchase from them and also appeal to those who had given up on the services of this small business. The customer relations officer should also ensure time to resolve an issue which might have occurred should be as minimal as possible. Problems might arise due to consignment delaying to reach the client, matters arising as a result of public relations being disregarded by the colleagues and handling of general criticism from the consumers should be within a short time frame as possible and the sites being aggravated should be corrected as soon as it comes into limelight. This in turn gives the company humble time for productive workload.

Methods and strategies to obtain customers feedback

Customers feedback on the productivity of the company is one of the major indicators of the success or down fall of the company. The feedback can either motivate the employees and the management at large or give them the task force to leave the job. This is because when they are not satisfied with the productivity of the company their complaints are spread to other clients making the company to lose market. And so, if this tyranny continues for long period of time probability of closing down is very high. On the other, when the customers comment positively on the output of the company, the message is wildly to those who had never purchased from the organization. For this reason, the new client ensures they buy from the enterprise in order to also enjoy good quality of products enjoyed by their friends. This in turn leads to expansion of the company since the profits get to be realized. Profits are what build a corporation. Therefore, Peter has a lot to do in order to paint the name of the company and make it stand on its toes as was in the first place. One of these strategies is making of the empirical survey of the most desired air-conditioning installation preferred by majority of the clients (GRIFFITH, 2010). This will work best through marketing of that test of the clients. this will enable the business to run accordingly since the clients are available and their services becomes the most desired. For this reason, the business will therefore experience positive feedback in the development of the industry. Moreover, the company should be very keen on the feedback concerning the public relations. The customers judge the services and the products grounded on how they were handled by the employees in the enterprise.

Sigmas theory and its application

The courteous employees brands the company name while those who are arrogant leads to withdrawal of the customers from the company and seek services elsewhere where they feel they are treated in the respectable manner. For this case, Peter should discuss with the business management purposely to educate their coworkers on the best manner of handling the clients. The personnel should be reachable, charming, welcoming, and friendly to the punters despites of any challenge they may encounter during the deliverance of services. Furthermore, Peter together with the other workforce should make constant follow-ups to their clienteles. This makes it easy for them to maintain their consumers and in addition get more clients through the prevailing ones. Through this, the business is protected from overstraining in search of the market. This also is very beneficial in that cost incurred for marketing is reduced and afterwards converted into investment by the firm. Besides this, Peter should ensure immediate attendance to calls and emails from the clients. By doing this the clients gets and impression that they are valued and thus this small business will earl great outstanding attributes selling itself and with no time the region will be recognizing them for their outstanding results in the industry.

Major Resources for provision of quality products

The major resources required to provide quality services in this firm that Peter works for are stated below as follows:

The firm needs to conduct a thorough in service course for all its employees in order to improve on the quality delivery of goods and services diligently following the clients or customers needs. This may be basically achieved if the entity that Peter is working with encourages its members to pursue their studies in t...

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