Free Essay Sample on Entrepreneurial Success

Published: 2019-10-24 02:45:40
Free Essay Sample on Entrepreneurial Success
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Application street reads enables one to become adventurous in any area, with the only requirement being access to a smartphone and an internet connection. Therefore, the street reads makes it possible for one to advance from the use of the traditional means such as the printed pages to the use of mobile devices, thus facilitating efficiency and convenience. Through this application, readers have a chance of exploring any story of their choosing. The street reads can be used to showcase various areas within an urban center such as a city, thus making it possible to create stories and even music based on a particular location and giving it a distinct identity (Butler, and Hansen, 2012, 10). This means that each story is believed to have taken place where the reader is actually standing, making it possible to bring in the element of real life experience. In the process of making the location-based stories or music, the chosen locations have to be incorporated into the art and other interesting features of ones choice.

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There are five key success factors for the application street reads that should be considered. They include the value addition, opportunity recognition, resourcing, stakeholder management, and innovation.

Value Addition

It is possible to tell stories or even compose a song based on a particular location, thus giving it a distinct identity. As a result, it is possible for the populace to view the world in a different way because stories and artistry works can now be redefined in several ways, giving the stakeholders a chance of exploration and adventure. The street reads adds value to the artistry works of music and storytelling because the application incorporates the locations cultural, commercial, environmental, and social aspects. By the use of this application, it is now possible to view the world in a different way and even redefine stories and make them something that we understand and know, instead of being told of a particular place. This makes us just to believe without even determining whether it is valid or not (Parasuraman, and Grewal, 2014, 170). Therefore, location-based stories or music gives us a chance of understanding better where we are and other places that we are familiar with. Additionally, even if we do not know some of these locations, musicians can come up with an artistry work that will eventually facilitate us to understand and know the existence of some places and how developed they are. Eventually, it will be possible for us even to make a tour to those locations, based on the information from the street read stories and music.

Opportunity Recognition

In every society, various local based storytellers and musicians lack the opportunity or resources to use their skills for economic gain. A few may become successful on the international stage, but if the local based storytellers and musicians are recognized and supported, this number will be higher. Advocating for the use of street reads, therefore, makes it possible for the locals to be recognized, thus advancing their career and making it possible for them to earn a living from this type of trade. Street reads make it feasible to identify an opportunity and modify it creatively, thus enabling even the background, a particular area, to be recognized. Eventually, investors will know the place and carry out an economic analysis to determine its viability. In the end, the location-based stories and music will be used as a strategy for initiating development programs and carrying out an investment sensitization campaigns.


Because of technological innovations, the mobile application, street reads, is now possible to be used by the populace effectively instead of relying on the print media. Additionally, some new processes that have come up and the users even anticipate for more because of the room for innovation and development. For instance, some alien invasion narratives, ghost stories, and zombie apocalypses have been included in the application to make it lively and encouraging. The most important thing to be considered is the readers as the key stakeholders as they are considered as the adventurous or participants. Through innovation, professional development is possible as the local musicians and storytellers have a chance to showcase their talent and even participate in locally organized workshops.

In this process, those who have the story city creator or the street reads producer applications can develop their work and select specific sites that they can utilize for their works. By the use of technological innovations, one can pick a particular location and then expand to other areas within the urban center, or the city (just a walking distance). Nevertheless, ones experience will be determined by the chosen path in the adventure, meaning that it is necessary for one to be guided (Sumner, 2012, 299). Through innovation, the application will determine the user's particular location and start a story or a piece of music based on that locality. This will be determined by the exact location where one is actually standing and can be enjoyed by listening to an audio or reading the stories on the mobile applications screen.

Stakeholder Management

For any project to be successful, the key stakeholders must be identified, and appropriate action is taken to ensure that their wish has been considered. There exist both internal and external interested parties in an organization but for this case, the key ones are the users of the mobile devices applications. This means that the application should be easy to use, thus facilitating efficiency and effectiveness and their eventual acceptance (Hillman, and Keim, 2013, 126). The users may have different opinions and perceptions about this type of technological innovation, making it necessary for the innovation team to ensure that they are user-friendly, thus mitigating cases of mishandling and the difficulty to use the application. The street reads can make one a hero of the stories and the place based music, thus making it possible for the user to take part of the adventure in various locations. Some people may be willing to understand the necessity of making a tour to a particular place, and thus, this application gives them a chance to explore.


This last success factor should be considered in the process of analyzing the effectiveness of the application. The strategy entails determining whether the required resources are available for making the applications use efficient. However, given that there is a high level of innovation as discussed above and that there has been a continuous innovation process taking place globally, it is possible for the use of street reads to be a success. Even if the mobile applications (phones) might be expensive to buy, they have been customized to handle various tasks including call and internet communication, and surfing the web (Somers, and Nelson, 2011, 12). As a result, it is possible for some of the applications to be downloaded and installed on the mobile devices, thus increasing their levels of use given that some of the users like to adventure. Therefore, through this application, it is possible to explore the city instead of relying on the book format that is now considered as an analog system. We all need to move to advocate for the digital technology using it because it is more effective than the old ways.


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