Letter of Purpose, Free Example

Published: 2018-01-18
Letter of Purpose, Free Example
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Letter of Purpose to San Diego State University

Art is just another craft, but perfect art can be a career and so is photography as a form of art. As a photographer, I have realized that the first shot is not enough without touching, but it can be perfected to communicate and express mood, time, and other elements. To perfect my photography, I do not only need access to technology but professional support in an enabling environment. In my next journey, I would wish to pursue a degree in photography, and this necessitates collaboration and teamwork with like-minded persons. I need to learn from the best, and there is no other place to perfect this noble art other than at San Diego State University.

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I am applying for graduate study at SDSU because I would like to secure my career by perfecting my art. I would love to develop a keen eye, improve my imagination as well as creativity by learning from my fellow art enthusiasts. Art is an encompassing career as depending only on photography would be my undoing. I would love to interact and appreciate other artists in their areas of specialization and SDSU offer me this opportunity to interact, learn from and share my experiences, skill, and knowledge.

I also consider SDSU graduate degree as the most important step for me in my personal and professional development. I believe that the school's rigorous graduate programs will not only expose me to a high-pressure study environment but also help me to understand the demanding nature of the photography environment.

Letter of Purpose Sample

I would like to learn new skills that would give me an added advantage over other photographers. I would like to improve my analytical ability, critical thinking, and time management, as these have been my major problems in the photography career. I believe that the persistence, determination, and the intellectual prowess I will develop at the SDSU would go a long way promoting my professionalism. Additionally, completing a graduate program in your school will motivate me as I have longed for a degree in photography from one of the best art schools in the world. An opportunity to pursue my graduate program in your school would provide me with a sense of accomplishment. I believe that as an artist, I have to build my character and I have to demonstrate my accomplishment. Then an accomplishment would be useless if the paper is not recognizable, while I could pursue the graduate study in any other school, I believe that the recognition would be only useful to me if my certificates were valuable. To improve credibility, I need papers from a school known for its rigorous graduate program, taught by competent staff, and experience the ultramodern environment provided by the SDSU.

I think a well-paying job should be my rewards after completing my graduate study, but I need to deliver my part by ensuring that I deserve the financial rewards through competence. I want to be taught by the best teachers and learn how to be an artist first then an entrepreneur who can use his skills to develop himself and everyone around him. I would love to be influential in my small way, but this means that I have to join the school. I hope my humble request shall meet your kindest consideration because to me; this will be the beginning of a brighter future for my future clients and me.

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