Loose Change Final Cut - Free Essay with a Documentary Analysis

Published: 2017-09-09
Loose Change Final Cut - Free Essay with a Documentary Analysis
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Loose Change Final Cut

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As it happens, the film "Loose Change Final Cut," is a documentary that studies comprehensively the questions on the 9/11 assaults in America being formulated and executed by components entangled within the government of United States. As such, this film covers a broad range of issues and it is an excellent overview of the happenings in regard to the 9/11 assaults. Therefore, this movie has undergone several changes in recent times but then, this version the directors Dylan Avery, Jason, and Corey ensured earlier unseen footage, witness testimony, and interviews thus it stands up well to more scrutiny.

In essence, the documentary is divided into seven sections which include, Hijackers issues, the games of war during and after the attacks, the Pentagon assault, the twin towers attack, Shanksville plane crash, and commission on 9/11 report. On the section of hijackers, the movie explains in details how their evidence and involvement was fictitious, and it unveiled the truth that terrorists were trained in the U.S army bases not devoted Muslim. Also, there were money traces to CIA and how FBI blocked the investigations of some terrorists of 9/11.

While on the wars games before and during the attacks section, the film demonstrates how several exercises and war games which were done before and during the attacks of 9/11 that delayed the ability of United States to stop the attacks. But then, they ensured rescue team was prepared immediately for the repercussions. Also, the film describes the attack on pentagon which included the concealed and seized video footage by FBI, how the terrorist performed pilot tactics regardless of being described as a poor flight instructor, plane crash on the part of Pentagon empty most of the time and issues of attack enabling wide scale fraud.

Moreover, the film describes how world trading center collapsed at free fall speed, and none was saved to be used for evidence. It also describes the fall of the building with characteristics of demolition that was done controllably. As well, it reveals different accounts by CNN and BBC on how the building had buckled in more than one hour before it happened officially. On the other hand, the other building in the area which had more damages never collapsed and the commission of 9/11 refused to speak about the matter.

Further, it describes health problems by workers and how victims over a thousand in number were buried without being identified. Moreover, the film explains that the plane crash at Shanksville was brought down by army differing with the reports that that the passengers overtook the terrorists. It also describes that the American Flight crash in Shanksville with a controversy on how some debris were found miles away from the crashing area. Furthermore, it describes how cockpit voice recorder was erased the last three minutes.

In conclusion, the documentary highlights many controversial matters on the 9/11 report on the commission, Some of them include, opposition from Bush administration, selection of the chairperson, committee members conflict of interest president bush testimony behind doors with Oath. Moreover, the film concludes by demonstrating in the last section how all citizens are deceived by the Bush administration to give an explanation for taking their rights and liberties from them and going to war. Indeed, the movie has undergone various changes in the recent times thus it stands up well to more examination.

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