Compare and Contrast Essay Sample: Living In a Big City or a Small Town

Published: 2022-09-09
Compare and Contrast Essay Sample: Living In a Big City or a Small Town
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We have people who prefer living in small towns while others go for the big cities, this is due to the difference in their personal preferences and tastes. It may turn out that people living in the so-called big towns and small town enjoy the same rights or even different one. Notably, there are similarities of living in a small town and living in a big town as well as differences also. We are going to look at the differences between living in a small town and a big city. By so doing we come up with advantages and disadvantages of each of the options for we must have pros and cons of each choice we make in life.

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We are going to tackle the differences first and then proceed to the similarities. Firstly, there of the benefits of big city living and also of small town living. it, therefore, brings out some differences as far as the benefits are concerned. We start with the interests of small-town living and say that small town is peaceful and quiet. Because you may not find many people in the small town, it makes them calm and quiet. The peacefulness of small town comes in the fact that one may be able almost every person within the town since it is small. When you know, nearly all the people you are living with you are probably going to have a peace of mind. Secondly, in small towns, there is a lack of employment opportunities. You may find that we only have a few well-established industries in the small towns (Kading, Terrance W 123).

These industries may or may not accommodate the people within the town. In most cases, people may come up with their survival tactics due to this employment challenge within the small town. Lack of enough employment opportunities occurring in the small towns may be due to the following reasons. You may find that there is no room for extension or establishment of new industries within the small towns. It may also be due to the lack of funds to the available investors within the locality of small towns. When investors lack the capital to invest, it turns out to be challenging to identify and establish new employment ventures. Another issue associated with small towns is that they feel less busy. It is challenging to find congestion within the small town since there no many people living within these towns. When the number of people living within an area reduces or it is significant, you find that they can be accommodated within the available facilities.

Small towns may also lack entertainment but not wholly lacking. People living in small cities in most cases have their means of entertainment. Notably, these people entertain themselves at the individual level which is also acceptable but may lack the well-established entertainment facilities. We also have advantages and disadvantages of living in small towns. Pros may turn to be mere than the obstacles or the vice versa. Notably, the benefits of small town living include; the easy access to public facilities (Kading, Terrance W et al.137). Since the number of people living in small towns is limited, each person has an equal chance of easily accessing public facilities such as schools and hospitals.

Affordable living standard to the people is another advantage of small town living. In small towns, it is deemed that it is only the low earner who lives in these towns and that's why prices are generally favorable to accommodate them. Living standards are desirable under this situation where it is easy to attain all that is required for a living. Disadvantages of living in small towns include the following. Unemployment is the situation whereby all people within that town cannot be accommodated with the available jobs. Underdevelopment is another disadvantage. Notably, small towns are not well developed because we only have local investors within the town. That results in the improper utilization of resources.

On the benefits of living in the big city and be able to see the difference between the two. In big cities, there are employment opportunities. In the big cities, job opportunities are established on a daily basis whereby we have new investments now and then. Availability of jobs within the big city gives the people a chance to secure a career of their choice. Secondly, we have improved transport within the big city. Such advancement may be due to the operations taking place within the city. Another benefit of big city living is that there is the fast growth of the city. The fast base may be due to the attraction of different people from different areas who come to utilize the opportunities in the big cities. In a big city, there is entertainment and better education. Since many people living in the big city prefer to have better living standards, we have many entertainment and educational facilities within the city (Stoltman, Joseph P 168).

There also advantages of living in big cities and they include; the availability of employment opportunities due to better healthcare. All these have been brought about by the increased number of health facilities. Lastly, is on improved means of transport. On the disadvantage, the side is that there is a lack of nature in big cities. People remain most of the time indoors. Congestion within the big city is another challenge due to migration.

To conclude, there are differences of small town living and big city living. We have both differences and similarities between the two, but the most important is that people survive in both.

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