Free Essay. Literary Analysis on My Sweet Audrina by V.C Andrews

Published: 2023-05-17
Free Essay. Literary Analysis on My Sweet Audrina by V.C Andrews
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My Sweet Audrina by V.C Andrews is an eerie, claustrophobic novel told in the words of a perplexed little girl by the name of Audrina. Andrews wrote the book in 1982, and it became a best seller in North America. The young girl belongs to Damian and Lucietta, who are her parents, and is set entirely in their mansion. The story speaks of significant issues that affected society at that time and continue to influence it now. Andrews uses various stylistic forms to bring out her topics of rape, miscarriage, mistreatment, abortion, promiscuity, sadomasochism, electroshock therapy, amputation, and murder. She also brings out the characters of the people in the novel to advance her subject matter and theme. The book first received some cold welcome because of the sensitive topics it developed by later received people's acknowledgment. The paragraphs below give an overview of the thematic concerns addressed by Andrews in her book.

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The novel presents itself as an awkward soap opera novel. However, it aims to advance the topic of fear of sexuality to the female gender that young women initially knew about. Audrina is warned by her father not to go out in the world of the woods as she may face the fate of her sister (Board, p.15). The sister was raped and murdered in the woods by men. The warning tells her to avoid men. Through that, the author brings out the theme of rape in society and explains how the scenes are scary for the female gender. Her sister was raped, and she is subjected to the same when one time she goes home alone. Adrian tries to help and rescue her from the rape, but the assailants overpower him. She also projects bedroom scenes, which are rather disturbing than enjoyable for the parties involved. Women are required to endure sex and not enjoy dirty, immoral, and forbidden act. Andrews portrays the limiting of the young woman's freedom with violence, fear, and judgment, concepts that hit home with many readers of the texts.

The writer has also brought out the theme of abusive parents. Audrina's father is an abusive parent who wants to be worshipped by his family (Andrews, p. 24). He expected unquestionable obedience from his family and would punish Audrina by locking her up in her sister's room while she sits on the spinning chair. Audrina is tortured in the house because she is confused and cannot seem to remember her childhood memories. Vera is there to keep torturing her up about it and making her life hell. Although Damian is an abusive parent, he is shaken when he learns about the raping of her daughter Audrina. He feels sorry for her. While locked up, Audrina sees sexual scenes through the keyhole and how women are objectified.

Andrews brings out many sensitive topics in her novel, which are mainly about sex. She has used characters such as Audrina to explain the effects of rape on women and how they react afterward. We see her not being ready to have sex even in marriage due to the post-trauma of the ordeal she passed through. The entire book covers the rape topic and why it is not kind to the victims. Andrews has also talked about sadomasochism and voyeurism, where other characters are forced to watch people having sex. She also brings out incest and the violence associated with sex when Arden cheats on Audrina. Andrews's novel is an excellent read for anyone who seeks to appreciate tense sexual topics and get to know their effects.

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